Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Clean Eating Challenge: Week #2

Week 1 Cutting out Candy:  so this week went surprisingly well! I am proud that even during Halloween, I was able to manage not having a single piece of candy.  It felt great ...but I will say that my appetite definitely increased last week, so I have to be careful about increasing my daily intake of ANY food, but especially processed and sugary food!

So what's the verdict for this week?  Well I am going to begin a necessary evil...cutting out processed foods.  This week=No chips/cookies.

However, while pregnant, I am going to continue eating:
-PB crackers (just a quick source of protein for a girl with low blood sugar on the run!)

My go to snack?  Natural Popcorn:)  Soooooo good!  Things like apples and salads are also a way I plan to combat that craving for the side of chips that usually accompany my sandwiches.

Clean Eating Challenge #2, Here I Come:)