Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Clean Eating & Pregnancy: Listening to Your Body I have TOTALLY blew the no sugar/chips/cake etc... during the Thanksgiving festivities (which I had allowed for myself in my yearly splurge list-just not for the ENTIRE week...OOPS!).
Does This Serve Me
And my baby?  A good question to ask yourself when it comes to food during pregnancy.
You can find this print here!  Artist: Katie Daisy (one of my favorites!)

To be completely honest, it has been extremely difficult not give into my cravings.  I am still monitoring my caloric intake  so that I am not exceeding the recommended daily amounts needed for pregnancy, but it is really hard to limit certain types of food...ESPECIALLY when you never know what kind of food is going to appeal or give you the creeps.  That being said...I am going to trust that my body knows what it needs and go with what I crave as long as it is a practical proportion of food.

I will leave the strict clean eating regimen days for after Little Guy gets here!  Hey this way of life is all a learning process for me right now...

Rather than limit more foods, I am just going to try and continue to practice cutting out my goals before (sugar, cake, cookies) excluding one treat a week - maybe this will be more attainable for an expectant girl!  LOL:)  By the way it IS December, Christmas Cookie month yall!  I am just going to set my goal for the remainder of this trimester to  eat at least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day to ensure that I am getting a variety of clean eating foods throughout the day and make less room for unhealthy snacking.

Some interesting information I ran across this week...

Nutrition Myths during Pregnancy

If I diet during pregnancy I will lose fat. This is true, although not recommended. A pregnancy diet should only be used if your physician recommends a minimal weight gain during your pregnancy. The Institute of Medicine came out with new weight gain guidelines based on your pre-pregnancy BMI. You can find the pregnancy weight gain recommendations in our Pregnancy FAQ.  *NOTE: I do not encourage dieting!  Just healthy eating;)
I should eliminate fast food while pregnant. This is false. During your pregnancy you are bound to have cravings! And while the moms at MIF do not recommend eating a lot of fast food, we also realize there are days you have to have fast food due to your family's schedule. MIF recommends 2-3 fast food meals a week at most. And make sure you make healthy fast food choices during pregnancy. You want to eat a variety of foods to get in all your pregnancy nutrition. You can find a list of your "healthier fast food" choices on Lindsay's Blog. And keep in mind if you supersize it and eat fried foods you will probably gain more than the recommended weight gain during your pregnancy. And this makes for a long journey to getting your body back afterwards.  This is good to know, but I am doing pretty good about avoiding this...oh wait it could be because the Mr. and I are on a tight budget LOL
Vegetarians do not get enough protein during pregnancy. This is false. Proteins come from many foods other than meat. Good protein sources for vegetarians include legumes, nuts, and seeds.  I get A LOT of my protein from Peanut Butter.
I should avoid fish while pregnant. This is false. The fish that you should avoid while pregnant are your bigger fish like: swordfish, shark, king mackerel, tilefish and wild salmon. But you should consume fish while pregnant to get in your healthy omega 3 fatty acids (please refer to Nutritional Needs during Pregnancy). Some examples are: salmon, shrimp, canned light tuna and cod.  Not a fish person, but gonna try and throw some Tilapia into the weekly menu when I can to get some omega 3...
I should avoid caffeine while pregnant. This is false. In 2008 ACOG published a study indicating that over 200 mg or caffeine a day increased the risk of miscarriage in a group of more than one thousand women. 1 cup of coffee has about 100 mg and the average 12-ounce soda has 50 mg. You must drink a lot of water, and if you are having trouble getting fluids, eliminate the caffeine. As far as soda, some researchers suggest you shouldn't drink artificial sweeteners. Now if you are going to drink regular soda keep in mind it contains about 120 calories per 12-ounce can, and these are "empty calories".  So glad this is not true!  SMALL Skinny Vanilla Latte here I come:)
Source Thanks Lindsay Brin!  She's an awesome resource:)

Next time I have some cool fitness info to share that I recently learned!
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Dipti said...

what to eat during pregnancy is the common question that every women have..thanks for sharing this post it is very useful..

Dr. Maureen Muoneke said...

When you find out that you are pregnant, you need to understand why the right diet for pregnant women is so important. You will be told a lot about which foods you should eat and which foods you shouldn't.

Anonymous said...

How many calories do you aim for?