Monday, November 26, 2012

Black Friday Aftermath

Well...we survived the Knoxville crowds during the "Black Friday" madness.  We Adams' have our own approach: catch a good night's sleep and THEN hit the stores.  We ate breakfast about 9 am and shopped until about 9 pm Friday night.  I love our little tradition:)  I just wonder how it will change next year with Baby A in tow:)

Shopping Aftermath...

Speaking of Baby A...we began shopping for little guy's nursery in all of the chaos this weekend!  I can't wait to see how the end product turns out.  With much thought and consideration (hair pulling & sleepless nights) I FINALLY decided to take a risk, desert the "baby bedrooms to-go" and channel some of my own creative energy.  Rather than be limited to a certain character or theme, I have decided to go with an eclectic "ALL Boy" look.  So If I see a piece I love-I can grab it!  I am SO at peace with this idea & am excited to see where it takes us.

Here is our blank canvas...

And these are some rooms that inspire me as I brainstorm:
I LOVE blue and orange for baby boy nurseries. I really like the gray stripes on the wall too.

Urban Nursery - eclectic - kids - sacramento - 3 Doors Down Home Staging & Interior Redesign

Baby Boy's Urban Cool Nursery - eclectic - kids - sacramento - 3 Doors Down Home Staging & Interior Redesign

Baby Boy Nursery

3 bookcases screwed together! Genius! Love the little bench it creates!
rain gutter book shelves

cute little corner for nursery

sweet nursery
great boy nursery

My sketches: (I know, I know...PATHETIC!  SO much better than doing homework though!) hehehehe:)

The blur is Baby A's name...still holding out to put it on the web:)  Any who this is
where we will put his name!

"Design Board"...

More updates to come!:)

Baby A's room began and over half the people checked off on our Christmas list?
This Santa's helper is signing off!