Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter 2015

I hope you all are still riding the jelly bean sugar high!  I know my students are, but I'm sure not:)  I made a million cupcakes & I am pretty sure I didn't eat a one!  One for the preggo girl?  Maybe...I did eat my share of jelly beans though:)  I'm currently sitting here under a big pile of Golden Doodle as Cam is slowly fading away & the Mr. watches crazy You Tube videos...the perfect way to unwind on a Tuesday evening, right?  Thankful to have this evening together!
Easter was lovely & so was the weekend.  Cam was a lot more obsessed with the Easter bunny than I could have ever imagined.  But even better?  He is still talking about our Sunday school lesson & skit at church about the crucifixion & resurrection.  He says, "Jesus hurt!"  And points to his hands & feet.  Then we say, "but he rose up, is alive & in heaven!"  Aaaammmeeennn!:)  Nothing in this world makes me happier than to hear that he is learning about Jesus.  

On Good Friday we made a quick trip to "meet the Easter bunny" & do some last minute basket shopping.  After finally convincing Cam that the Easter bunny was coming & not Ho Ho, I'm pretty sure he didn't say anything else other than "see easter bunny!" and absolutely. refused. to remove his bunny ears the entire rest of the day.  We trudged our tired little hineys to the mall to scope out any bunny activity, & found that we had to wait 30 minutes for his next visit.  Cam was as patient as his little bunny ears would allow him to be.  He ran everywhere shouting, "Seeeeee easter bunny!"  "See easter bunny!"  When the bunny of the hour finally arrived, he strolled out behind a black curtain & Cam was the first kiddo in sight.  He lifted up his big bunny paw & waved!  You could have knocked Cam over with a feather.  I'm pretty sure he will be a bunny fan for life:)

And as for the easter egg hunt?  It was absolutely hilarious.  The first hunt, we opened every egg & shoved the candy (wrapper & all) in our mouth.  The second hunt he completely drop kicked the basket & his eggs flew all over the mulch.  So over it!  Oh, the memories made!

And now were counting down the days til' spring break!
3 to go to be exact.