Wednesday, January 21, 2015

We've Only Just Begun: Winter 2015

Okay.  If I'm not mistaken, December 21st was the first day of winter, so we are a mere month into the winter season.  You know, winter.  Snow, snowmen, snowflakes, cozy, comfy, soups, hot chocolate.  Winter!  I have never heard so many complaints about the cold weather and anticipation to dive into Valentine's Day, and heck---just fast forward to SPRING and summer!  Don't get me wrong, I love looking forward to the next holiday and everything, but I always feel like we rush through the winter season, never truly appreciating it's beauty.  Let's take a minute to think of things that we can look forward to about winter!
1.  Soups
2.  Snowdays (fingers crossed)
3.  Set up camp by the window to watch it snow
4.  Make a giant bowl of snow cream
5.  Playing board games
6.  Sipping hot chocolate and  apple cider
7.  Going sledding
8.  Build a snowman
9. Read a book from start to finish (even if it's a Dr. Suess)
10.  (AND) I would really like to have a date night and go ice skating.  I'm sure that's pretty far fetched, but maybe one day:)

String up some more sparkly lights, keep out your snowflakes, snowmen and plaid...we aren't finished with the cold just yet:)  In fact, I hear we are supposed to have some snow on the way soon!  
Fingers crossed.