Monday, January 19, 2015

Weekend Spill

Happy three day weekend!:)  I would like to make a movement that we make every Monday a new member of the weekend.  It has such a bad rap anyway...right?  Whoever said you should work more than you play?  Oh well, I'm gonna get off my soapbox now and just be thankful I had the day off!

I'm not going to lie.  Lately, I have felt pretty uninspired and like I'm spinning my wheels in sand when it comes to life and for the sake of this post, my blog.  Work has really been tough lately and life crazy and hectic, thus the slackness in posts!  Just when I feel like I can't do it anymore, God sends my sweet Mr back into the swing of things.  Yep, he came home Wednesday night!  It has been a much better week just knowing that he is within a couple minutes reach.  This long weekend gave me a little spark of creativity and reminded me of the reasons I blog in the first place.  To inspire, create, and capture time in pictures and words.
Not to mention a little personal rambling here and there.  Today I may ramble a bit.  This weekend was beautiful.  I guess you could say this weekend was all about Cam.  Things were slow and we actually had time to do the little things that make us feel like a family.  Watch Frozen just to see Cam reenact the Olaf scenes, have nerf gun wars, make cute lunches, and take complete advantage of the pretty days by finally getting him outdoors in his new car and taking a few laps around the closest thing we have to a park here.  *Note to self, Honor has a lot more training to do to be a civil walking partner.  She took the lead and wadded up to take two very large unpleasant dumps right in the middle of the busiest areas.  Thanks Ony...preciate it.  Cam was in heaven finally getting to be outdoors again.  But he still drives his car without the steering wheel.  Full throttle.

Cam also went to his first movie this weekend.  We had a big, fun crowd tagging along.  The daddies got to cry during American Sniper while we cried watching Paddington.  Well, maybe it was just me wiping away tears...  Cam's favorite part was probably sitting beside one of my friends who fed him cotton candy, rasionettes, twizzlers, and popcorn the whole time.  He left the movies in higgggghhh spirits saying, "Bear rawrrrr," and sticking his frafryer in his hat in place of Paddington's marmalade sandwich.  You'll just have to watch the movie;)
Favorite Cam Moments Lately:
1.  "Hey fish, whatcha doing?"  "Owww, fish bite me!"
2.  Any mention of Lello McQueens aka "popsicles"
3.  "Hey mommy, whatcha doin?"  
4. Shake i off!  Treble, treble! (dance party requests)
5.  Screaming "Ready go, ready go!!!" every two seconds, but especially in church...

He is doing so much now!  Can't wait to share more.
In other news, now that the beautiful weather has paid a visit, snow please?  
Hope you all have had a great weekend!