Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Weekend Tales

One of my favorite things in the world to do, is turn off the t.v. and blare something classical like Frank Sinatra all over the house.  It automatically sets the mood for a very romantic, relaxing, and rejuvenating environment.  When you add snow to the mix, you pretty much have the perfect day.  I think I just set the mood for our weekend tales:)

Cam is morphing into Denis the Menace these days.  Soaking in the bubble baths until his hands are wrinkly and over 3/4 of the bath water has been splashed onto the floor.  He pretends to cut his toe nails with the edge of a travel size toothpaste.  "Hey Mr. Wilson?"  Nope, "Hey mommy.  Watcha donin?"  He says it 1,447,984 times a day.  And it still somehow melts my heart every time.  He tackles Honor and wrestles her until she finally takes cover back in her laundry room residence.  He packs his little car backpack full of, you guessed it, more cars and tractors to tote with us everywhere we go.  I would really love to have a little girl one day, but somehow, sometimes I think I may be destined to be a boy mom for life?  I don't know.  I guess time will tell:)

In other weekend news, after the first full week of cooking in the new year, I came very close to burning down the house.  The olive oil for our stir fry got a little too hot and poof, as Cam said..."fire!"  Luckily, the Mr. had just got home from work, and cued me mid panic attack to throw it out into it's flooded backyard not supposed to be there pond grave.  I guess it's time for new dishes?
Warm wishes for a great week!

Kerrie Mitchell said...

First of all, I ADORE Frank Sinatra! Second of all, this little guy has to be cutest ever - look at that outfit, I'm squealing!!!


cassidy adams said...

Meeeeee toooooo! Frank Sinatra Pandora all the time. Thanks, Kerrie:)