Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Weekend Rambles

How has your New Year started off?  Me?  I will always have to say that I am blessed every day that I live.  I have felt inspired this weekend, in particular, because I finally swallowed the almost two year hiatus of not regularly working out, and got my butt out of bed at 6 am to complete a 20 minute workout with Cam and Honor crawling on my head and licking me in the face. But, though it was mad crazy as I had imagined, it was so worth it!  I knew all it would take was one workout to renew that drive and addiction to be active everyday:)  Now, if I can just make myself get out of bed every morning early enough to keep it up!

Since it's Tuesday, and I totally dread work like the plague this week, I'm going to keep today's post upbeat and positive while I pump myself up with powerful (or simple) thoughts and thanks.  It will be random, but hang with me...

1.  I am pretty much never taking off my new cowgirl booties all the way from my favorite town ever...Nashville, TN.  My mom got them for me for Christmas this past fall, and I have been anxiously awaiting the moment I could rip them open and admire!  I finally found an outfit that they would work with and I may be crazy, but I almost don't care if they don't match what I wear next... I am obsessed.

2.  I love the fact that Cam calls popsicles "Lello McQueens."  I don't know why or how.  But he can call them that the rest of his life.  And I'm even okay with the fact that his (previously) perfect speech sounds are slowly morphing into substitutions.  "Mommy, ready go flay."  "Snoofy."  P--> F.  Nope.  This speech therapist doesn't care right now.  It's the cutest thing ever.

3.  I am continually pinching myself in anticipation, waiting for this coming Saturday to arrive.  I don't think I will believe it until I finally see Cade walking down from the terminal prepared to make his home with his family again!  He won't be boarding a plane again with out us, you can mark my words.  And I wouldn't mind stealing a couple ideas off of this winter date night bucket list, because after all, we do have a lot of lost date night time to make up for!

4.  The imperfect.  I think the Lord is teaching me a little more every year, that everything doesn't have to be perfect.  Or just as I plan it.  I am not a perfectionist...but I am.  I kind of make myself have the mentality, but never follow through or finally get so overwhelmed with the demands I put on myself when I start striving for the impossible.  Like posting a day late because I was waiting for perfect pictures.  And the pictures are still imperfect and blurry... 

I love that about every centimeter of my house is covered in cars.  Whereas before I had kids, I said that I never wanted toys all over the house.  I love that Cam's hair is a little crazy somedays.  I can put water on it, comb it, gel it, and (shoot) even do a hocus pocus chant every now and then (totally kidding)... but it will still look like he rolled out of bed after sticking his finger in a light socket.  My car looks like we live in it.  Because we do.  I wear my hair in a pony tail or bun most days of the week, and I have a habit of making peanut butter sandwiches for dinner.  But yall, what does any of that hurt in the scheme of life?  I love the Lord's humor.  It really makes you realize who is in charge and what really matters at the end of the day.

5.  I love being a wife and mom.  Everyday.  As far back as I can remember I always wondered what my calling would be.  Naturally, a wife and mom never really crossed my mind as something significant/glamorous in my younger years.  I truly believe that I have received the most fulfillment from this very special part of my life.  Cade and I were sitting in church one day, several years ago at a revival before Cam, and I can remember the preacher, pointing us out.  He said, "If these two do nothing else in life, other than love each other and lead their children to Christ, they will be accomplishing what the Lord has given them to accomplish."  Of course we want to serve the Lord in any and every way possible, but these words have since stuck with me.  I hear them everyday when I look at Cam and think of the future.  Mom's (and Dad's though you probably aren't reading) it's up to us:)
Wishing you all a very happy Tuesday!
P.S.  You won't hurt my feelings if you pray for snow this week.
Chelley N said...

My 4 year old is very articulate, but she has just a (very) few words that she still says "incorrectly". And I love them. I'm cherishing those precious little toddler words while I still can!

cassidy adams said...

Aren't they the cutest??? I hear ya:)