Thursday, September 25, 2014

18 Months

How can I possibly be typing Cam's one and half year stats?  I know, I think some people probably feel like parents sound like a broken record sometimes-- continually stumped at how fast time has gone by as they reflect on their little bit's age(s).  But, I think that is just the vibes in this particular season of life!  You'll be there too one day ( if you aren't there already!)  Just wait;)

I can't possibly put into words what these last 18 months have been like.  I feel like some people describe it beautifully, but I always go back and read my personal previous descriptions and they all fall short.  
So, instead of attempting another failed reflection,
 here is a standstill snapshot of Cam in time at 18 months.
Height: According to our growth board, 2' 9 ft!  Somebody pinch me...
Weight: 30 lbs
Clothes Size: 18-24
Shoes: 7
Favorite Words:  He is a parrot right now repeating I decided just to choose a few, constant words that I can't hear him say enough!  "Coo-coo" (though he does say cookie)," "UH OH," "pease"-please, "tantu"-thank you, "tar"- guitar, "oopy" or "ooby" for Snoopy, and my recent favorite...pumpkin -"pumkum" or "pumbo!" When you ask him where mommy is, he says "cool" -school!:)
Favorite Fun: Anything outside, with a ball, wheels, or strings.  He loves turning anything (water bottles, landscaping lights, footballs, nasal aspirators, cabinet doorknobs)... into a microphone.  He yells "TAR" and ball if there are any in a 100 mile radius.  The grocery store is not our friend, as they have a tower of balls right when you walk in the door (thanks, Ingles...great marketing skills).  We then carry a ball around the grocery store until he has thrown it out of our cart 67,896 times and we finally walk away screaming as it rolls away.  Grocery shopping is the best.  He loves to watch "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," write on his chalkboards, climb stairs, and commentate as to whether things are "hooaaa"-hot or "cooolll,"-cold, often adorably confusing the two.  Snuggling is his favorite, as long as he can rub your shirt collar or sleeve:)  He plays with cars or reads book laying on his belly (cutest. thing. ever).  He loves waving at puppies, trying on shoes, singing in the choir, and kissing pictures of Santa (I told you I would be working on a pleasant visit with "Hoho.")
Food:  He has lost a lot of his passion for eating lately.  I really don't know how to feel about this!  I'm so afraid he is going to become picky with what he eats.  He has always been the best eater, rarely turning down anything!  He LOVES fruit at all times.  Especially green grapes.  He loves smoothies and usually whatever is on everyone else's plate.  I still try to go by the cleanish side of eating, with an occasionally special treat (which these days is candy corner or ghost marshmallows...I can't resist the "peeeaaassseee" and "tantu").  I do believe that part of eating healthy is important.  I tend to think always depriving little ones of specific things can lead to bad habits later on in life...what do you think?
Favorite Products:  I really can't say enough good things about the Honest Company's baby products.  Our favorite items are the bubble bath (extra sudsy) and diapers!  And FYI, my NANA raves over these diapers.  In the words of a true "old fashionist"-They are the best!"  And I couldn't agree more.  We also love Freshly Picked moccasins.  We are on our third pair, and everywhere we go we get compliments.  Not to mention they are durable, comfortable, stay put, and are unique (which may be my favorite feature!)  Cam picks them out to himself wear A LOT!
Favorite Books:  Jesus Calling Bible Storybook.  Cam gets so excited when it is almost time for bed.  As a way to wind down, we cuddle up in bed together with a regular storybook of his choice, and our bible story book.  Cam has to do all the pointing and reading first, THEN, and only then, can I read the stories to him.  After we're done reading, he slaps his hands together in prayer position to talk to Jesus.  This is my most favorite and rewarding time of the day!
Looking Forward to: The Lord's everyday blessings in life.  It's so easy to get caught up day to day and fail to see what love he has for us!  We can't wait to see daddy again at the end of October, all things fall, Vols and Panther football, Halloween, and cooler weather!

Can't wait for more leaves in our future;)
In the partial words of Charles Shultz, "happiness is" 18 months!