Monday, September 15, 2014

Weekend Tales

It's beginning to look a lot like fall in my neck of the woods!  Cam's trying his best to say "punnmmmkaaam" (pumpkin), and the trees are slowly but surely beginning to turn into their fire bright hues.  If only it would get cold enough to make me feel safe switching over to my fall and winter wardrobe...
While we are still waiting for the officialness of fall, our weekends are shaping into the autumn feel.  Friday, I had to leave work early for a doctor's appointment in Knoxville.  Since we were there, we decided it would be a fun time to scope out the festiveness at a few of our favorite shops.   Our fun just goes to show, you can go shopping and "sight-see" rather than spend money:)

We did, however, splurge for a tasty Pumpkin Spice and chocolate milk/apple juice as we browsed;) #guilty

Saturday, we had a great morning waking up to Big Orange Smokey pancakes:)  I actually made them from scratch!  But they are not as good as anything my Mr could have fixed.  Cam and I are sad, lost puppies without him.

Apparently, our pancakes had no superstitious positive quality to the game Saturday night, whatsoever.  The Vols lost big time.  But that didnt take away from the fact that we still had fun getting together with the family and cooking up some football favorites.  It got cool enough that evening to pull out the jackets, too! 

And Sunday, we had another great church service singing in front of the "tars."  Cam went to Uncle Todd and the tars literally took his breath away.  He would cup his hands, grab his mouth, lose his breath "huuuuuuuh" and say "TARRRR."  Five shrieks later and it was finally time for Sunday school:)

Cam & his entourage

After church, we did something my grandparents had wanted to do all summer.  We took Cam to Santa's Land.  Right up my Christmas loving heart's ally.  The skies were fighting rain, which set the mood for an almost empty park.  The "elves" followed Cam and a few other kiddos around letting them ride whatever ride they pointed to, for however long they wanted.  Cam, of course, migrated to the rides with wheels, and rode the Rudicoaster (it's pretty aggressive for an 17 month old y'all!)

He also fed deer, waved at goats, monkeys, bears, and all the other petting zoo animals-- all while topping the evening off with a new found terror of Santa Clause.  I've got work to do before December, friends!

Happy Monday!
7 days til fall, 40 days til I see my Mr.
P.S. Honest Company is on Zulily today!