Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter Basket Goodies

I am so excited for our upcoming weekend of our church's annual Easter egg hunt, watching Peter Cotton Tail and It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown 1000 times while baking, and waking up Easter morning for Sunday morning church service and Cam's First-ish encounter with the Easter Bunny!  I guess this is the first holiday Cam may actually have an idea as to what is going on...which has made putting together Cam's Easter basket an absolute blast this year!  I hope his reaction is a tad bit more enthusiastic than last year's...poor little guy!
I used the same Easter basket as the one I purchased for him last year at Target (and plan to stay with that tradition as long as it will hold up!)  I really wanted to make sure that the things in his basket were not only fun festive things he would enjoy, but I wanted it to capture the true meaning of Easter with the resurrection of Jesus!  I wanted to share this book, "God Gave Us Easter" it is  the perfect addition to a toddler's Easter basket as a way to share the true meaning of Easter, while tying in all of the childhood magic holidays tend to bring.  I. love. this. book.
{Shoes, similar } {Spring Is Here} {Angora Bunny} {Carrot Toss, Target} {Jelly Belly Bubbles, Dollar Store} {Bubble Bath, Dollar Store} {Bunny Ears, Target} {God Gave Us Easter}{Basket Cover *On Sale} {Basket, Target}
P.S. I filled his Easter eggs with Yogurt bites, but would have LOVED the idea to fill them with Annie's bunny treats and Peter Cotton Tail Organics if I had the opportunity to swing by Target before time for Peter's big delivery;)
I also loved this bunny, he had so much character!  And this book looked so is hard to choose:)  What did Mr. Cottontale fill your baby's basket with this year?
Chelley N said...

Meeek! Love love love those shoes. I think Bren needs those!

cassidy adams said...

Thanks Chelley! I love them too! And am thankful I finally found something to match his easter is the!;)