Friday, April 4, 2014

Roadtrip Ramblings

Let me just start by saying, I have been missing in action
lately because I'm sharing a computer with the MR...
I finally found a window of opportunity
when Hurricane Cam woke me up and decided
 4am was the perfect time to hit the ground running.

We are having the best time!
I hate to see the trip come to an end.
I feel so refreshed and relaxed to return home to the daily grind... 

Who am I kidding?
There is never enough time to feel completely relaxed and
ready to go back to the 5am-9pm grind
...but, I'm thankful we have at least had a few days
to enjoy nothing but each other.

The roadtrip part of this mini vacay kind of worried me.
Mr. Fitz isn't the best traveler,
and Cam is inconsistent with his opinion on traveling...
EVEN if Tripp IS his middle name!

We ended up having a very smooth trip down.
Here's to hoping the trip home will go just as smoothly!
What I have learned traveling with baby:
  • Plan ahead!  Make a list of all the things you need to pack ahead of time!  <Says the girl who forgot to pack a carryon for her family-I swear I did make a list though!> I kept a bag full of Cam's snacks, toys, and other means of entertainment/needs right under his carseat.
  • STOP!  When we stopped for dinner, we opted for the mall food court or sit down meals.  This gave us the opportunity to find a safe place (far from traffic) to let Mr. Fitz do his business, Cam walk around, and fast/different options for food choices.  *Not to mention, they had a Starbucks;) And Baby Gap...The Mr. found me out by that point:(
  • Puffs, Cheerios, Yogurt Bites, and a bottle of water for the sippy were snacking favorites (which is a given).
  • I downloaded Cam's favorite Baby First TV shows "Shushybye," and "Sweet Dream Lullabies" on my IPad, and borrowed my sisters travel case to attach it to the seat-let's just say I will be investing in one of these and Cam LOVED this.
  • I ended up having to split my time between the front and back seat by the end of the trip...but I didn't mind since Cam was such a great traveler.
  • Loose, comfy clothes for everyone!  But especially baby and mommy (or whoever is trying to climb from the front seat to the back as needed!) lol
  • Split the trip up...We left the day before check in and stayed in a hotel at the halfway mark.  Not only did Cam and Fitz appreciate it...we ended up getting an entire day at the beach when we would have spent it traveling otherwise.
  • Keep routine.  We have tried our best to keep to Cam's schedule the whole trip.  We have planned our dinners/outings/play time around his nap and bedtimes!
  • Bring the pack and play!  Yes, it took up a lot of space-but I have traveled without ours and the space is worth it if your baby uses the pack and play like ours.  AND I don't have to worry myself sick about him rolling off the bed/couch or sleeping on dirty/nasty whoknowswherethishasbeen surfaces.
  • I didn't do this.  But I seen it recommended for Mom's to "Yoga" before travel.  This may not be a bad idea ladies...ha!
    If you are around me much and have a little one, you know I am always full of questions.
I value every mom's opinion and think we all have advice to offer each other...
SO What has worked for you and your little one(s) on roadtrips? 
Would love to hear!;-)

    As with any trip, things weren't picture perfect.
    Mr. Fitz did get carsick <Thank the Lord I was prepared>
    prompting us Mr. Adams to allow him to
    sit in my lap with the AC blasting -2 degree gusts of air...
    The Mr. and I did argue about the radio choice and whether or not we should
    stop at every Baby Gap, Starbucks, and Target we passed along the way.
    I know, SO unreasonable...right?? ;)
    Cam did throw cheerios,
    and may or may not have graced us with
    55 shrill screams along the way...
    BUT who's counting???
    With all it's inperfection, traveling has been so fun!
We can't wait try this again in July
with a little experience under out belt!;)

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Again,
So happy to hear yall had a lil getaway to Florida.......what beach did you go to?? Just wondering how close you were to where I live,
funny we were just up in your neck of the wood, and now you are in mine.
Sounds like yall had a good time,
we love evening on the beach it is the best time, walking on the beach and sunset or sunrise.....
and it is amazing how just getting a change of scenery and a change in schedule is so rejuvenating.
love that about vacation, I feel
all ready to go after resting for a week. one of our fav places to go is the beach, think now it might be the mountains, course, we love that too......course, Dee wants us to go to Hilton Head to the they can meet us
Well, take care sweetie,
You are a good mommy and you look cute as ever........
Blessings, Nellie

cassidy adams said...

We went to Panama City Nellie:-). That is so funny how close we have traveled to one another! The evening is the absolute best time:-). Nothing like it! I've never been to Hilton Head but hear it's good to hear from you. Take care and love on Brooklyn for us!:).