Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Dinner Table

I'm not going to lie...I about began this post with "Pt seen today in room to address..." ahhhhh!  Two crazy, hectic days back at work and I wonder if that mini vacation was a dream!?  Tell me it isn't so!
I've been pretty vocal about my NYR to cook more and with more wholesome and clean ingredients.  Well, I'm here to say I started strong and have fizzled out.  On the way home from the beach this weekend, I burnt my phone's Pinterest app up meal planning for the week.  Until payday...aka Friday...I am trying to come up with some *clean-ish meals with ingredients we already have in stock to last us until the next grocery run!  (We planned budget spending too-lol...yea.  We are really ambitious!)  If your like me, your husband (or someone in your house eats like a 10 year old) and doesn't like anything green.  So I have to be creative in cooking "cleaner."  Here is what I threw together...
Creamy Vegetable Chicken Fettuccine
5 Chicken Breast Tenderloins
1 Container Buitoni Fettuccine
1/2 cup Parmesan
4 TB butter with olive oil and sea salt
1/2 tsp Truvia
1/2 tsp Italian seasoning
2 cups frozen mixed veggies
1 cup whipping cream

1.  Bring water to a boil for chicken and veggies in seperate pots until thoroughly cooked.
2.  Drain chicken and slice.  Set veggies aside.
3.  Boil the noodles.
4.  Melt butter in pan on low. 
5.  Add whipping cream to melted butter,(no one said this is low fat...more on that in another post) mix well.
6.  Add truvia, seasonings, and chicken (vegetables too if everyone will eat them!).  Allow to simmer.
7.  Pour over noodles, mix and serve!
Very quick and yummy meal!
And most importantly, this is the perfect opportunity for family time
throughout the crazy and hectic week when parents have to work full time.
As for the dinner table these days, we are teaching Camster to pray, trying to minimize distractions such as phones (aside from the quick pictures before I call everyone to the table...;) and T.V.'s.!

One of my main goals in life is for this time to be special for my's the simple things.
Cam loved it:-)  Who are we kidding?  He would like fried cheese on a stick!  Well...I would too. #guilty #itsasouthernthing
Great mix of grains, protein, and vitamins and fiber!
And I like to show the not so pretty/perfect images as well...
We ended up having to leave Mr. Fitz in the bathroom today instead of laundry room.
AND came home to this...Thank you, Mr. Fitz. we didn't need the handle on that basket anyway! #smh #noregardforhumanlife
*clean-ish: You could say striving for cleaner and less processed food without being a stickler...