Sunday, December 1, 2013

Merry December!

Happy December friends!

I can't believe we are well into the holiday season...
Can you?

Turkey Day overload ƒor Cam!

I hope everyone had a perfect Thanksgiving!
Mine was full of love, snow, a bit of work, and A LOT of blessings.

"Oh give thanks unto the Lord,
for he is good; his mercy endureth forever" -Psalms 107

Our Thanksgiving began with a snow storm!
On my way home from work Wednesday, I was sliding all over the place.
Luckily...I got behind a snow plow and made it home to my boys just in time for our
1st annual Thanksgiving Eve Low Country Boil with friends.

Thanksgiving morning Cam and I caught his First Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, a tradition I have always enjoyed since I was a little girl!
Snoopy was once again the highlight of the parade for us
(we also enjoyed the Duck Dynasty Crew:)

We trudged our way through the remaining snow to our family-neighbors for our first Thanksgiving feast and then headed to Knoxville for our final meal and mingle and some sane calm Black Friday shopping.

No I am not into making the holidays commercialized, but there is something thåt always excites me about staying up all night and shopping (or people watching) during the Black Friday madness!

Did you man the crowds this year?

Cam scoping out Black Friday Ads...

I did score a couple of great deals, but I am (as usual) no where near finished with Santa's to do list!
And here we are again.
Beginning my favorite month of the year!

My heart is happy as I have Jesus in my soul, turkey and dressing in my stomach, and Christmas in my bones as it is just around the corner!
 We're cranking up the Christmas tunes & movie marathons, stringing the twinkle lights, training our Christmas Cookie to wear holiday sweaters, and dusting off other festive odds and ends from the attic here at the Adams household!
I.  just. love it.

Want to have a little fun and capture December 2013 with me for
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Chelley N said...

Oh, the hats! Love, love, love the hats!!!

cassidy adams said...

I have to admit we LOVE hats...and the bow ties! Thank you;)