Monday, December 23, 2013

Let the Countdown Begin!

"Hey Buddy, How'd you sleep?"
"Great!  I got a full forty minutes!"
That line from Elf kinda perfectly sums up my life right now!
I'm sure it isn't too far from many of yours either...
Christmas time is a busy time of year.
Sometimes SO busy, that it comes and goes in the blink of an eye.
I just hate that!
Work, decorate, clean, bake, shop, wrap, work, repeat.
This is trying to steal my Christmas spirit as I usually get a little time off to breath and take a break from the hecticness of life.
It's definitely one of those years where you have to "think happy thoughts" and pretend work doesn't exist the moment you leave the building and head home!
I refuse to let it steal my Christmas magic and put a damper on Cam's very first Christmas!
Even if I DO appear to be sleep deprived, hungry (haven't took a lunch break in ages it seems), and have a bad case of coffee breath...
Let's kick off the countdown to Christmas with our weekend!

A holiday manicure, some fighting crowds to do some Christmas shopping, a mad dirty diaper, a win for the Mr.'s beloved Panthers, and a 9 month old Christmas Donkey cutie appearing in his first Christmas Play at our church.
It was wild but wonderful:)
#christmasshoppingfuel #einsteins
We fought slobber, holiday procrastinating crowds, and stubborn stroller wheels around Knoxville in search of the perfect gifts.

The men have everything under control...

Cam decided to add his own pizazz to our trip, with the most massive dirty diaper known to man kind.  The kind that explodes out of the diaper onto his perfect Christmas outfit:(
Luckily, the store we were in...Kirklands...had an adorable baby pj set (just his size) on hand and we saved the tags to pay at the counter and headed to their bathoroom to change him.
Lo and changing table.
The cleaning supply shelf worked just fine for this frantic mommy and stinky baby.
As I was pulling off his diaper and poopy outfit...throwing shoes in the floor, diapers and wipes flying off the cleaning supply shelf changing table-
out came a fountain of pee all over me AND the bathroom floor.
We're talking, sprinkler system.
The Mr. was then recruited.
Ok!  He was all changed and we could resume our shopping list.
We got to the counter to pay for our things...
and a stinch only the grinch would love lingered.
Poop.  On my cardigan.  And the Mr's sweater.
Think twice about those cute little babies being strolled around lookin' all cute and cuddly.
It happens!  And I may or may not have a few letters mising from that first word...

Daddy ecstatic...Cam...not so much.

Way to Go Panthers:)

#firstchristmasplay #jesusisthereason

The baby donkey

Oh I love it!
And I love Christmas!
Merry Christmas Eve Eve everyone!
See you tomorrow for a holiday tour of our home and Cam's room:)