Saturday, December 7, 2013

Baby's First Christmas

What to get a baby for his first Christmas?
Cam will be 9 months old by the time Christmas rolls around, and
while he is mobile, and ooo and ahhh's at the twinkle lights, he isn't exactly
the age in which he understands what is going on.
I am pretty sure he is going to be more mesmerized by the ripping of
wrapping paper than any new toy he might recieve.
Let's be real...I could give him a container of prunes and he would give me his gummy grin and exchange a slobbery chin bite kiss in return!
But I still want to make his day special.
And I still want to be Santa!
SO.  Here are a few things I have on Cam's Very 1st Christmas List:

And we can't forget stocking stuffers!
with a few special treats (i.e. yogurt melts and puffs;)

I'm curious...what did/are you doing for your baby's First Christmas?

Dusti Cox said...

I used to have the boon bath frog. Loved it (and boon products in general). Unfortunately, our well at the house we lived in went bad, and we started getting rust in our water. I ended up tossing all the bath toys because they were rust stained :-( Will definitely buy them again, though, if we ever decide to have another. ;-)

cassidy adams said...

Oh no! I am with you...I LOVE Boon products! They are so cute and versatile/durable/ name it;) Excited to for Cam to use the frog after Christmas:)