Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thanksgiving's Near, With A Little Christmas Cheer

Can you smell it?
Turkey and dressing.  The Macy's Thanksgiving Christmas Parade.
Thankful hearts.  Coffee a brew to keep the Black Friday shoppers alert and cheerful for the long night ahead...

Thanksgiving is a special time.
Though I love and eagerly await all the things I mentioned above, 
this season is all about taking a step back and thanking God for his precious Son Jesus, 
the blessings he has allowed us to experience, 
and for never having to want or need anything.

In spirit of Thanksgiving being a mere 2 weeks away...
I am sharing some of my favorite festive kid friendly celebration ideas 
as some friends and I prepare for our 
1st annual Seafood Thanksgiving Eve Celebration!

 {1. a charlie brown thanksgiving} {2. kids table setting, martha stewart} {3. glitter pumpkins} {4. pilgrim hats, martha stewart} {5. fresh flowers, local grocery} {6. tree centerpiece, martha stewart} {7. twas the night before thanksgiving{8. paper straws & pom turkeys, target}

As much as I absolutely LOVE Christmas,
I am really trying to make myself present for this season of thanks.
I have a baby to set an example for now...
and I want him to know the true meaning of the season along with all of the sweet traditions and memories God allows us to make!

This year, since I am prolonging our Christmas festivities as long as possible-
we are experiencing Thanksgiving with a bit of Christmas cheer.

The tree isn't up yet and we have fresh fall flowers,
with leaves, owls, and pumpkins still lingering about.
And maybe a little bit...okay a lot...of Christmas music echoing through the house.  
And car.

We have several strings of twinkle lights laying in the floor of our den
 that Cam and I enjoy every evening, 
while the Mr. constantly insists on unplugging them much to our dismay.

Rudi likes to moon the camera

We may or may not have stalked Target's Christmas decorations this weekend and replaced a pumpkin spiced latte with a gingerbread latte.  

I am also making sure Cam's new pal Rudi tags along when we leave the comforts of home and traded in my black nails for a holiday red.
But HEY...
I am completely excited to say-

Tis' the season to be thankful!:)
And so very thankful this mommy is.