Thursday, May 26, 2016

My People

Since Cade comes in so rarely, I have kind of went crazy with scheduling pictures every time he comes in.  At previous sessions, it seems like we were too rushed, stressed, & stiff or unnatural but THESE.  These are natural.  Real.  Just us.  And those pictures are always my favorite!

I'm p r e t t y sure the Mr. is ready to kill me at this point (he is even giving me the I hate you look in some of these pictures).  Oh well.  I love them.  I also have the excuse of wanting some really great ones to add to our home when we are finally ready to move in!  I have big ideas for these sweet pictures!  But really y'all, these just warm my heart so.  They put a smile on my face & I feel like they truly captured our family perfectly at this time in our lives.  I know, I'll stop rambling on.  So now, which ones make the gallery wall cut? ;)

Since you endured alllllll my Adams spam, I'll give you this one is just for fun...;)
*All pictures were taken by Maria Shook Photography.
If you are ever in the Western North Carolina area...I highly recommend her!
She is so wonderful to work with:)