Monday, May 16, 2016

Daddy's Home!

Life just doesn't seem to slow down these days.  I literally feel like I'm sprinting up an escalator all the while trying to make it come to a screeching halt!  I'd say that's especially true this week...because Daddy is home.  Everytime he comes in we try to cram things that need to be done, seeing family, all while making sure to spend some quality time together into one short week.  It seems I lay down my head down on my pillow at night and I don't even know where I am!  

"Life's a changing" as they say... in every way.  The boys are growing & our living/job circumstances are all up in the air.  I just pray that every decision we make is a step toward God's will & purpose for our lives.  I'm excited about the future.

So far this week, we've crammed in house packing up/hunting, family pictures, a high school graduation, (Cam & Cade) took the first summer swim (and maaaaaannnnn has it been cold here!) a windy cold boat ride, & enjoyed a slow Sunday of church with a quick ice cream date by the creek.   

In other small talk, Conley hates his life jacket, Cade is a pageant dad when it comes to the boy's hair, & my eyes are crossing after being in Lowes & Home Depot for waaaayy too long trying to compare prices on remodeling supplies.  Cam is totally talking the housing lingo.  We were on our way to church yesterday morning & he was going down the road saying, "so this house is purple, I really like this house it has a door, I really like that house it has lot's a toys."  We're raising a real estate agent or a of the two.  Idk.  I forgot to mention he choses watching The Weather Channel over Paw Patrol these days.

Again, it's been a blur of blessings that I am very thankful for.  Just another page in our story:)

Happy Monday!