Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Mother's Day 2016

My f o u r t h Mothers Day.  It's in the books folks!  And despite the fact that Cam's favorite new word is Poopy Butt & Conley is going though a phase where he refuses to take naps or let me sit him down when I get home from was a wonderful day to stop & look at how the Lord has blessed me as a mother.  My two little munchkins will never know how much it means to me to be their mother.  Sure, motherhood kicks me in the butt daily, but I've said it before, & I'll say it again, it is my purpose.

We started off the week going to Dollywood with the whole family.  Cam is just now getting to the age where he can really appreciate & enjoy theme parks, he did however remember that Dollywood is where the dead pigs are.  Anyone ever been during the BBQ & Gospel Festival?  Yeah.  A little traumatizing lol.  

He loved every minute of it.  And we even seen Dolly.  I've been going for basically 25+ years & have never seen the woman.  But y'all.  Dolly just didn't compete with the tiny little snake we seen climbing up a table at the bakery when we first entered the park.  It decided to park itself coiled up on top of the table while everybody crowded around it to watch it...sit.  In other news, while I was gone to nurse Conley, I came back to find that Cam had conned everyone into letting him get his face painted like a sea monster.  Conley was unsure about the train ride, but finally gave in to his first nap of the day.  Oh, & I busted Cam's head as we exited the Scrambler with the metal door.  #momoftheyear

Mother's Day itself was somewhat a blur as there's always so many places to go.  We had a lot of special ladies to honor & sun to soak up.  A special thank you for my hubby for always making Mother's Day special.  He never let's one pass without a corsage to wear to church.  It's the little things...

Like the boys dressed in the same outfit.  Long enough for the church service:P  For some reason, I am always ready to get them in something comfortable.  Snap a picture & head for the comfy cozies boys!

We made all the special momma's in our lives personalized coffee cups...with a bunch of kisses (hershey that is;)  Personal Creations is where it's at!

To end the perfect Mothers Day, somewhere along the way, Cam asked to take our picture...and I'll just leave it at that;)<3