Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Polar Express & Spider Leftovers

I'm completely behind here, but I have no choice but to share our last little bit of Christmas magic with you.  Plus, knowing me---I'm probably going to lose my phone before I ever do anything with these pictures, so I'd better stash them somewhere safer than my phone like the www;)  
Ahhhhh.  The Polar Express.  The Polar Express in Bryson City, NC is everything you'd imagine the actual Polar Express to be.  Call me corny, but I t e l l you it is absolutely magical.  If you are looking for a "must" do with your babes during the Christmas season...look no further!  Christmas pj's, Christmas carols, dancing elves, story time, hot chocolate, chocolate chip cookies, The North Pole, a visit with HoHo complete with your very own bell...  And Mr. Cam's personal favorite, his golden train ticket.  I mean, come on.  We were in Christmas heaven!
This is Conley's "I'm gone" face...
Cam?  He was all about the choo choo, hot chocolate (perfect temperature btw), & chocolate chip cookies.  And j u s t after he told Hoho he was going to be good this year, he  may or may not have did everything in his power to ignore everything I said, but hey...YORTPEOAY, right?  Translation: "YOLO" variation...You only ride The Polar Express once a year.  Totally enables toddler passengers to lick their window & hang upside down on the seat, no questions asked- Mom.
Conley on the other hand slept an entire four hours, & at the time- this baby didn't do that.  Between the car ride & train ride...he was in a major Christmas coma the entire time.  Just remind me to leave the carseat behind next time.  I h a d to have burnt off the hot chocolate & cookie calories from toting that thing from the car to our location to board.  But I'm guessing if this 13 lber, double chinned, two month old continues to eat like he does, that won't be a problem next year? ;)
How many more days until we can board this holly jolly train again?  Buying tickets in advance is totally going to be priority for me this year...not just for this particular event but for "The Great Pumpkin" ride as well!
You can find out more information about events offered by The Great Smokey Mountain Railroad here.  You won't regret it!

Delayed Spider the Elf Shenanigans
and since we're still chatting about Christmas...I figured I'd share the rest of Spider's adventures as well.

Ashley S. said...

The Polar Express looks awesome! Oh my goodness. What a fabulous adventure. I loved that book. Thanks for sharing your experience with us! It looks like it was a lot of fun!