Monday, January 4, 2016

Ringing in 2016

Here, we are...2 0 1 6.  It's definitely going to be hard to beat 2015 because it gave us Conley & lot's of fun times with Camster.    We did have a few crazy twists and turns we didnt see coming but we are alive, happy, & healthy-what more can you ask for:)?  <<I think I might have said that 5,647 times this year & we're only four days in!>>  

Cam r e f u s e s to take good pictures with little brother!  Hoping this is just a short short phase.

To ring in the new year, we spent our two days of celebrating with family.  It was so nice to be together for the end & beginning of the year.  And it actually felt like winter--I could wear a sweater without sweating bullets!  We ate, we laughed, we dubsmashed, & played cards.  We also had a couch/table full of iphoners;)  Ahem, the ladies.  Doesn't Facebook news initiate g r e a t conversation?  
And let's be real, with our little crowd of four, we were pooped by the time 10pm rolled around.  So off to our little nest we went.  The boys were o.u.t - O U T once we laid them on their bean bags in their comfy cozies.  
The Mr. & I set up camp on the couch with our Mickey D coffee (my decaf was just moral support) flipping back & forth between channels & arguing over which to watch...the big ball drop or the ball game(& I was pretty excited to watch Carrie perform too!).  I guess we both won out & kept the tv remote hot? 
 All in all it was perfect.  I was with my sweet little family & I got my New Years eve kiss...  Which, didn't happen last year since Cade had to go back to ND before the big countdown.  This year is already off to a better start--right? ;)
Happy New Year from my family to yours. 
 Just as Sinatra once said errr sang >>May your new year dreams come true;)
Ashley S. said...

Happy New Year! We had a similar New Year's Eve! Your children are adorable!

Cassidy Adams said...

Thank you Ashley!