Friday, January 1, 2016

H54F || New Years Day

Happy Friday, everyone!  Linking up with Caitlin at Coffee with CaitlinDella at Della Devoted, Katie at Cup of Tea, and Tiff at Bright on a Budget for some High Five for Friday fun. 

It's kind of a bittersweet week for me as I go back to work this Monday.  I can't really complain.  I have been blessed to have had the time I have had with my boys this year & such great memories made (& my job is part time).  I look forward to what this year brings for my family.  We have great plans & goals in store if they be according to the Lord's will for us:)  

1.  We had a wonderful, blessed Christmas!  We are all healthy, happy, & blessed.  What more could a little family ask for?
2.  A great two weeks with my husband.  We had a restful time just enjoying each other.  The past two times Cade came in- we've been c r a z y busy.  The first time we were moving & the second one Conley was for him, just to get to come in & have a few restful days was absolutely rejuvenating.  Especially those rainy mornings for cuddling with the boys!  As tough as it is going to be for him to leave Saturday, I trust that God has a plan in all of this.  

3.  No New Year Resolutions here!  We just set goals to move our family in the direction we want to be...together.  Maybe more on that later:)  I'm excited & motivated to get it done this year!  Those boys need a daddy & this girl needs a husband around.
4.  Star War Marathon...believe it or not-my hubby had never seen any of these!  We had the first three movies, so we made a quick trip to Walmart to grab the last three for a rainy day movie marathon.  Not to mention, Mr. Cam is obsessed with "Sar Wardles."  He loves robots & the storm troopers.  We might have just found a replacement for the ever annoying Octonauts he's been obsessed with this week...;)
5.  There are a few moments you never want to forget.  We had one yesterday.  My Uncle (who lost his wife to cancer almost two years ago) has been dating a very sweet woman who has a son several years older than Cam.  We had a dinner last night & he brought a friend along to play with.  They were very generous to include Cam while playing (I know it's probably not "cool" to have a two year old following you around when your eleven).  Cam was obsessed with them.  He followed them around continuously telling mom & dad... "I gotta play with the kids."  He grabbed every toy in sight trying to impress them.  On one occasion as we were spying on him, he grabbed a monster truck in each hand & said, "Check this out guys!" as he spinned the wheels as fast as his little hands could spin.  S t i l l laughing.  I mean, w h e r e did he even hear that????

2015 in review
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Happy Friday &
Happy New Year wishes to all!
Jess said...

We've been catching up on Star Wars over here too! Although it's me that hasn't seen them... and I have a problem with dozing off during movies, so that is not helping haha! That story about Cam is too cute! Where do kids get this stuff?! :) Happy New Year!

Ashley S. said...

What a nice week! I am glad you got some great quality family time! So important! Happy New Year!

Visiting from the link up, Ashley @

Ashley S. said...

What a nice week! I am glad you got some great quality family time! So important! Happy New Year!

Visiting from the link up, Ashley @