Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Tales+Happy Birthday Peaches & Pearls

We had a very busy weekend.  Atlanta all day Saturday.  Homecoming and Old Timer's Day at Church Sunday.   And at warp speed here we are, back at Monday again.  We didn't even walk in the door this evening until 6pm, and at that point it seems like all we have time for is a quick bath and then it's off to bed to prepare for another crazy day. It makes me feel like I am missing everything, sometimes.  I even want to feel a little sad for myself, especially when I feel a little low on mommy fuel, and then a little voice inside of me reminds me... "Cassidy, thank God you can go to work," and  "thank God you seen another Monday!"  In the words that have been echoing again and again in my head by a recent Filipino missionary visiting our church, "Americans are blessed too much."  

That we are.  I'm so thankful for God's subtle reminders of that!  During my blessing of a weekend, we couldn't suppress the Michael Buble Christmas CD any longer.  Nothing can leave you feeling more tingly happy inside then a Buble holiday serenade (or the fact that Macy's Holiday Lane is out in all of it's beautiful glory!).   Well, a trip to Red Lobster and Cam labeling the lobsters in the tank at the entrance "care crows" (i.e. scarecrows) might be equally as sweet.  How clever, right?  
Nothing says a day in the city like a toddler screaming and pointing "side, side!"(outside) and squatting every three steps to allow his cars and tractors some travel time.  He also went through 5,436 outfit changes during our trip to ATL.  At one point, we even went into Men's Warehouse to have him measured for a ring bearer tux, and just as I finally received some help from a sales representative- I felt a warm, moist, trickle running down my side.  Just a second.  Outfit change #5,437.  This little thing has been putting away the liquids like he's in a desert drought.  #boymom

And I can't stand his cute little self in his newsboy cap and plaid jumpsuit.  I mean, this is always how I envisioned my babies would look in fall of the year.
No wonder life seems to fly by at warp speed.  We keep ourselves so incredibly busy and seldom take time to just be still.  That inspired the hand lettered Pearl of Wisdom for this week.  I'm trying to figure out what this verse means for me.  It just seems so profound and that there is more than just the simple message of being still.  What does it mean to you?
Today, marks the third anniversary of Peaches and Pearls.  I can't believe it!  Start here to read along from the very beginning:)  And please, enter to win the adorable felt fall garland from The Fickled Felt Tree (only 3 days left!).  This giveaway is not only celebrating fall, but three years of Peaches and Pearls.  Thank you for reading:)