Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Weekend Tales: The Mr. Returns

Happy Tuesday, everyone...the silence has been broken!  I had a much needed week away from all things technology.  I can't really describe to you just how insanely busy October has been!  I get tired just thinking about it.  It's times like these, where I come to realize how blessed I am to have a body that allows me to tackle everything.  Thank you, Lord!

Now.  Let's catch up.  I kinda feel like a year has went by since I posted last...
I have to start with this past weekend.  After leaving the Mr. with a tearful goodbye about two months ago, we finally got to take a trip to the airport in our p.j's, and have him waltz back into our lives for the week.  Our Pet Smart, Target, and Starbucks date, made for a wild and crazy late night before heading to the airport.  Cam cried, "Dawwwwg!  Dawwwwg!" as I drug him out of Pet Smart, snacked on chick-fil-a treats in the Target shopping cart (as he insisted on testing out the performance of every ball, microphone, book, and car in sight).  He also practiced his sharing skills with a vanilla milk at Starbucks with Snoop.  We ended the night with a real life hug from daddy, and I don't think Cam, Cade, or I can be happier since being together again.  A lot of people have wondered if Cam forgot Dada after two months of absence.  Heck no!  They picked up right where they left off:)  Sooooo much to catch up on!

Of course, since he came home, we had to have lots of plans and celebrations.  Saturday was a fat day with a delicious Southern full course breakfast.  Then, it was only logical to throw on some orange and waddle on over to the Neyland Stadium in Knoxville and watch U.T. get creamed by Alabama.  Now that was an experience!   By the end of the game, Cam was coughing every breath, I began sneezing, and I had heard Cade's fashion critique commentary regarding white girls dressing like Hans Solo one too many times.  I just happened to be wearing my own version via leggings and boots.  I may rethink this look twice.  P.S. Anybody else feel like it's near impossible to get a good picture of the ever so swift toddler???  Geez Louise!

Sunday morning, Cam was full blown sick:(  We spent his sick day laying on the couch in a bunch of blankets watching The Great Pumpkin in the glow of the flickering pumpkin candles.  That would make anyone feel better, right?  After everyone came home from church, we whipped up some chicken noodle soup and watched The Ghost of Mr. Chicken.  If you haven't ever seen it, you are missing out!  A perfect, clean, fun, family, Halloween movie to get together and watch:)  You must throw a few sweets in the mix too, of course!

And we totally began celebrating Christmas as soon as our flick came to an end.  But more on that later:)  I hope everyone is having a fun and festive Halloween week!
Chelley N said...

I know you and Cam are beyond thrilled to have your Mr. back! Yay for that!

cassidy adams said...

Yes mam! Couldn't be happier:-)