Monday, May 12, 2014

Weekend Tales + Mother's Day

I am sorry for the long post in advance;)  It's always a good thing to start the week off with a praise report, right?  Well, this girl has one!

I have been so blessed, in that I have barely ever had any health scares whatsoever in my life.  And, I'm almost embarrassed to act like this is one in the first place (especially when I know all that my Aunt went through.)  However, I know how rampant skin cancer has been in our little county recently, and have been concerned about a place I had on my chest ever since the beginning of March.

Friday, I visited my doctor in Knoxville and had the place removed.  From observation, he does not think it was cancerous.  Of course, they have to send it off to confirm, but the heaviness of that burden is a lot lighter than it used to be!  #PTL

A nice trip to visit the Lobster, red Target circles, and a green mermaid who serves coffee made for a lovely Friday evening.  And then, there was the tree in the road on our way home... THANK the Lord for a familiar man face that pulled up behind us!  My Nana would have been trying to chuck the wood off the bank laugh...I do not.  She is for real.  Check her out going to check on it below.

I THINK I could do a month by month picture of Cam in the Target shopping cart...LOL

Anywhoooo!  Twenty-thirty minutes later, the tree was cleared out of the way...and no, Nana was not a part of the moving efforts.  But, we pretty much had to super glue her seatbelt shut to keep her from jumping out to direct the efforts and flag down traffic.

Mother's Day.  Oh, I can hardly stand the emotions that I have on this day and realizing that I am a mom!  Very few greater feelings in the world.  I love my Cambino and am so thankful to be his Mommy!  He makes it easy peasy and continues to allow me to feel like I am living my dream life!

So thankful for my momma!  I don't know where I would be today with out her love, direction, guidance, prayers, and sacrifices.  I also can't forget the other two women who have shaped me into the woman I am today...My Nana, baby sis and Aunt Karen.  It's hard to forget the ladies of our church, my Aunt Kaye, Mamaw Betty, and my adopted momma/family..."BB" and "KK," Joyce, Nana Dot, and Mamaw Muriel.  Many women out there don't have to be momma's to have a mother-like heart.  Okay, Okay, enough personal shout outs;)  Happy Mother's Day to everyone of you sweet ladies today!

My precious stepping stone<3

P.S. I know I am late in seeing this movie...but if you haven't had the pleasure of seeing "What To Expect When You're Expecting," go watch it right now!  Perfect Mother's Day-ish weekend chick-flick;)  Happy Monday everyone!:)