Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter 2014

A little late, but here it is:)
Easter 2014 was very low key.  Not exactly what I had planned, but such is
 life as I am coming to learn!

Can you spot what I was trying to capture in the middle?

Saturday morning, we headed to our churches annual Easter Egg Hunt.  The countywide Easter Egg Hunt is complete with scenes from Palm Sunday, the crucifixion, and resurrection to make sure the families in our community not only leave with a good time, but the true meaning of Easter!

Of course, we walked in the gate and learned that my mom, "Lolli," had already purchased Cam a bunny rabbit...Humphrey.  Humphrey will be living with he and Mr. Fitz aren't exactly the ideal companions.  Nonetheless, Cam was in love.  (Unfortunately, he inherited my love of animals.)  Can I just say I am hoping Lolli is ALWAYS this generous to open her home to all of the animals he requests in the future;)

You would think after all of the egg hunt training Cam has been through, he would have inevitably been the A #1 Egg Hunter.  Nope.  Not the case.
Instead of hunting eggs, he sluggishly swayed his baby booty to the gospel music, dumped out every egg we put in his basket, and screamed and squealed until mommy knew it was time to throw in the basket and call it a day.  

He did look cute doing it though...check out his DIY tee.
Just cut out a peep shaped bunny and mustache from fabric (or an old onesie in my case), use fusible interfacing, and iron them onto a tee to create this fun guy!

After the egg hunt, I had big baking plans.  Cam on the other hand, had big napping plans.
My sister tagged along and we baked to our little hearts content as he snoozed the eve away.
We baked lemon cupcakes with homemade buttercream icing and sugar cookies with royal icing.
I even got to try out my new cookie cutters my Nana gave me that belonged to my great grandma.
Nothing cuter than vintage bunnies;)

When Cam woke up from his nap I knew the egg hunt behavior was trying to tell us something.
He had rosy red cheeks, a slimy nose, fiery hot rolls, and a frown not even the sweets could cure.
Yep, he had a fever:(

When we woke up Sunday morning, we relived that moment all over again.
I was devastated as it goes against everything I had planned for Easter.
No Sunrise or church service.  No matching family outfits or pictures.  No family dinners or easter hunts.  We are bound indoors on this beautiful sunny easter day.
But you know what?  It was lovely.
It was just what the good Lord knew we would need before the week ahead.
Since I wasn't unable to attend an easter service I just packed up my Bible and went on the front porch as the Mr. and Cam snoozed and read the Easter story myself.  So thankful for the sacrifice Jesus made on that Easter Day so long ago.  How precious this holiday is!

When the Mr. and Cam woke up we checked out his Easter basket from the Easter Bunny:)
Cam loved everything!  Especially his book "God Gave Us Easter," and his bunny, "Jellybean."
After checking out his basket, we cooked a yummy festive breakfast and read his book to begin the day.

We were lucky enough to have family to come to us since we were cooped indoors for the day!
So thankful that God knows just what we need.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter minus rosy cheeks, fevers, and slimy noses;)
He Is Risen!

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi HOn,
He is risen indeed.
Sometimes things don't go as we plan cause God has a better plan. So glad you could just roll with the punches and see that........some people would just be all upset.
Sitting on the porch alone reading the Easter story sounds delightful.
Glad you did get some company and
loved the lil shirt you made and the cupcakes and especially the fruit cute.
You are so right Easter is such a Special day for all of us who know the real meaning of it............
The Lord knew what was coming and gave us some rest in advance.....He is always looking out for our best interest.

Have a good weekend hon,
Blessings, Nellie

Nellie's Cozy place said...

Gosh, I reread bothmy comments after I published them and couldn't believe I made so many mistakes, think I must be
tireder than I think............
better go to

Take care hon,
Love and Blessings, Nellie

cassidy adams said...

It is hard to type comments for some reason! I do the same thing:/ Hope you had a wonderful Easter Nellie!