Friday, May 2, 2014

Cleaning It Up! Realistically.

Practicality.  It's something I've come to learn to love.  For some time, I have strived for perfection (somewhat OCD here) only to set myself up for defeat and failure when I am unable to meet my unrealistic expectations.  Ever been there?  Yeah, doesn't feel good!

Clean living is something I have failed at.  In can scroll back through my blog at the various attempts to verify it!  I have intentions of going all in or nothing, and then reality sets in.  Groceries are outrageously expensive.  I don't have the creativity or cooking experience to whip up an edible variety of clean meals for the family.  I like smelly good cleaning supplies and candles!  I have the curse of an evening sweet tooth.  The Mr. eats like a 12 year old- he's going to eat baby spinach leaves, flax seeds, and ezikiel bread???  YEAH right!  (me either, on the flax seeds!) 

I said all of that to say this...Absolute clean living is unrealistic for my family.  But I can make some practical changes to "clean up" portions of our lifestyle on our budget such as:

1.  Buying eco friendly diapers and wipes/cleaning supplies once a month (these items are chemical free.)  I really like the Honest products-and most of the time they offer great discounts)  This past order I got a months supply of diapers for 40ish dollars.  ChaCHING:)
2.  Cooking dinner with minimal processed products and "whole-istic" foods (in which I plan to share here;)  This means eating out ONCE every two weeks, if we can help it! (BIG challenge!) Local+fresh+pure ingredients are what I strive for:)  
3.  Buying good quality **classic** clothing pieces that are sure to last.  Quality over quantity.
4.  Only eating one sweet under 200 calories every evening after dinner (as needed lol).
5.  Buying organic when you can (Pinterest has great resources to direct you to the foods that are best purchased "organic," here are some of my favorites)
6.  I aim to make the next type of paint we buy eco-friendly paint (zero VOC's) 
7.  I have been trying to create meal plans and shop the perimeter of the grocery store.  This helps make mealtime less stressful every evening and the trip to the grocery store less overwhelming and allows you to come home to stock your pantry with cleaner ingredients.
8.  Taking off our shoes!  I am becoming slack in this.  But think about it...the bottom of our shoes can track in lead dust, animal feces, gasoline, fertilizers, pesticides, and other chemicals into our homes.  (In my case...any thing on the nursing home floors...)  The least we can do is avoid shoes around our carpeted areas.
9.  If at all possible, I try to minimize our exposure to artificial fats, sweeteners, colorings (any natural alternatives?  I've failed at making any so far...), vegetable oils (I replace with olive oil or apple sauce when I can), hydrogenated starch/oils, margarine, high fructose corn syrup (I know...I know-it's in all the "good stuff"), margarine, MSG, sodium nitrate, sulfites, vegetable shortening (I buy actual Lard instead of Crisco).
10.  Does teaching Cam to pray before his meals count?  It does for me;)

Here are some of my favorite resources and go-to guides for clean living.  These were two of the first books that inspired and educated me on the importance and benefits of "cleaning it up."  
The Perfect 10 Diet by Michael Aziz, M.D.
The Honest Life by Jessica Alba

Disclaimer...I don't claim to be an expert (OBVIOUSLY!).  Clean living has just became a passion of mine.  It's a topic I enjoy sharing with you and learning more about. Do you have any resources that you have found helpful when it comes to clean living?
Happy Friday everyone!
Jennifer Roberts said...

Proud of you for taking a step back from "all or nothing." As a working wife and mom it is difficult balancing ALL hats successfully. As you go, (particularly talking about cooking) you will become more and more confident. That is the time to play around here and there. One tip I like is try one new veggie each week. Making small changes will help your (an my) family adjust together to a more healthy lifestyle. :) I love your honesty on here. You are not alone. :)

cassidy adams said...

Thanks Jen!:) Love that idea! I'm stuck on frozen veggie mix right ready for the fresh summer veggies!