Friday, May 24, 2013

Two Months Old!

How is he TWO MONTHS old???  It just can't be possible!

Two Months ago yesterday at 6:03 pm, little Cam made his way into our lives.  It's amazing to me to think of how God chose us to be his parents.  What an incredible blessing and HUGE responsibility!  I am watching God create such a beautiful little life right before my very eyes, and I am so thankful and humbled at this precious opportunity.

One thing I'm proud to say about these two months?  I truly can say that I have cherished every moment.  I have put off everything else that would have once been "important" and focused on my family.  I KNOW this is something I will never to just continue that pattern once I get a job...THAT is the REAL challenge!

So what's the Cambino been up to lately?  Well just read and see;)

A Few Of My Favorite Things:  Bathtime, car rides, eating, farting (yes I said it...he's just like dad), moving...he CANNOT stay still, my passy, laying on the boppy, walks in my stroller, vibrating seats, bouncing...I must always be bounced, I love noise, and looking at bright lights and fans. 
Not so favorite...getting dressed, getting put in carseat, sleeping on my back...well sleeping at all!

Milestones: 1st mohawk, 1st trip to mall, 1st stroll, 1st virus, 1st smiling spells, 1st coo, I'm tracking!  1st Fashion show, sat in Bumbo seat!
My face: I have dimples!  They are really cute and hard to say no to...Occasionally I have smiling spells.
My eyes: I'm thinking they are going to be blue like dad's!  They tend to be pretty hilarious...lots of crossed eyes going on this month:)  He loves looking at lights and fans! Starting to track and follow things!
My hair:  Dark like mom's and lots of it!  May have a little curl to it;)  Growing like the weeds in our yard! We are really liking the spiked look too...

My hands:  I hold them like Papa Larry and Papaw Bill.  They look just like dad's.  They never stop moving and love to pull mom's hair...
My feet:  Again...just like dad's.  I always kick the covers off, and kick Penny occasionally...and my socks always fall off.
Music: Justin Timberlake's new album 20/20...specifically "Mirrors"...I say this because lately he hasn't really had a choice.  

Hmmmm let me think...

Best Part of Month:  Showing off by ALREADY sitting in my Bumbo seat, riding in my sling...this thing may have spoiled me permanently!

Worst Part of Month:  Colic episodes and a nasty virus!  
My favorite products: 

Riding in these carriers!

 & Cam