Tuesday, May 21, 2013

A Crazy and Fashionable Weekend...

What did I do this weekend? know- just watched my son and the Mr. steal the  crowd's heart at the Relay for Life Fashion Show...
(along with all the other cute as a button kiddos!)

Hahaha:)  But really...they were pretty darn cute for this great cause.  Cam was dressed just like dad and ready to take on crime:)
Pretty much had to beg make Cade agree to do it, but as usual he is a great sport and not only walked the Camster across the stage...he was rumored to have strutted, twirled, and struck all the right poses.

Wait?  Did I get to ACTUALLY watch this show?
No.  Not even a little!
Why you may ask?
Well, that would be because daddy was a little nervous the little man wouldn't cooperate.  Minutes before show time, I was persuaded to join the two fashionable hunks backstage.  Yep, instead of joining the rest of the family in their perfect view seating...I was behind the curtain coaching dad how to bounce the current favorite rhythm and speed.  Cleaning the life-saving storm plug passy that fell on the floor, oh I don't know, about 1000 times.  AND making sure the ginormous cowboy boots stayed on those tee-tiny feet (Check out the pics).  Needless to say...motherhood is wearing me in well!  So thankful there is a video of this grand performance, and Auntie KK was there to take pictures with our camera! 

Ahhhh the memories...:)