Friday, May 17, 2013

Product Love: StencilMeIn Custom Painting

Custom Painting 24" x 24"

There is nothing cooler than Etsy.  I have been obsessed with this website from the moment I discovered it.  I purchased much all of Cam's room decor from this handmade haven and this custom painting from StencilMeIn might just eventually make it's way into our "man cave"/ den / Cam's other room.  Apparently...if you send in a favorite photograph to this artist...they will create a modern, personalized, original (and definitely UNIQUE) piece of art!  The downside it costs 150 bucks!  But it may just be worth it when I start finishing up the decor for the den! ;)  Let's just face the facts...I foresee a lot of money being spent on pictures in our future!
Happy Friday!