Friday, January 18, 2013

The Bump Update: 29 Weeks!

This is Week #:  29 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  12 lbs
What I am wearing:  Boots, jeans and sweaters!  It’s rainy and cold!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  I think I mentioned how comfortable and what great support I have had with my Sperry’s!  Great preggy shoes!
Body woes:  Heartburn, itchy belly, fell down our garage stairs this week too SO my ankle is kinda glad it was my ankle and not my belly!
Best part of week:  Making it through the first week of school!   And finding my masters project client (something I thought was going to be impossible!)
Feel anything in there?  Can we change this to see anything in there?  You can even see him move through my clothes! HeheheheJ
Gives me the Creeps:  yep…still coffee…I just make a cup and sit it next to me for comfort lol
I miss:  Sleeping on my belly, Diet Pepsi’s, coffee
Zzzzz Pattern: The past two nights have been okay, but this is what I mean by the pregnancy slum.  Some nights I have really bad heartburn and it is SO hard to sleep:/  At least I am almost there!
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Outie
I’m Craving:  Still Fruit and anything sour and sweet
Working Out Regimen:  In LOVE with fit sugar pregnancy workout videos…great short workouts…I can do 2 in 20 minutes and be sore the next morning.  I have worked out about 4 days this week.  This helps me sleep better too!
Mood (s):  Content
I can’t wait for:  Dr.’s Appt today, Decorating Baby A’s room, My hubby’s bday

This Week Baby A weighs as much as an Macbook Air Laptop...