Wednesday, January 16, 2013

6 Month Favorites

Is it just me or do most people who see a pregnant woman feel like they get a free pass to freely giving out daily commentary about her body or appearance???

Ever since I got pregnant, I have found that to be the main conversation when people see me.  Talk about SELF CONSCIOUS!  Geez!  Most people say nice things but today I had a nurse say, "Well you don't look pregnant today, but Monday you REALLY looked pregnant.  It's gotta be that black, it's amazing what that black does for you."...YEAH...Okay...VERY interesting how people focus on this part of pregnancy when there is so much more positive and fun things to highlight and chat about!

Anyways!  Back to the important stuff...6 Month Favorites!  The Month of December was so fun and refreshing.  In fact, I think it was my best month yet...but January...yes, she has brought lots of sickness, exhaustion, and sleepless nights.  Welcome to the third trimester I guess??? Here are my favorite things that made my 6th month of pregnancy fabulous:)...

Snoogle: OKAY.  This is the most amazing thing ever and I wish I would have splurged on it from the beginning.  (Thank you Caitlan)  I have been able to catch some amazing zzz's since this miracle pillow came into my life-and I forsee it being in our bed for life (Lol)! Even the Mr. and Penny try to hijack it everytime I take a potty break or wake up to get ready.  IT IS AN ESSENTIAL! 
Gap Maternity T:  I only have the black one, and this is the only piece of maternity clothes I own...but I love it.  The material is so soft and comfortable and it is a very long shirt that I can continue to wear after baby!  They are only 9.99 too!
Sitting Side Stretch: Okay...I guess this is kinda weird cuz it isn't really an "item" you can buy, but even's free!  This side stretch feels amazing at the end of any day!  Try it for yourself!:)
Russian Tea: My nana has kept me stocked with this stuff (especially when I recently had an episode of the sniffles).  It is a great alternative to coffee (you get the hot drink to sip on without the cream and stiffness), and it has orange juice in it so you get your vitamin C!  
Sperry's: I have had Sperry's in the past, but my "other mom and dad" (aka In laws) got this pretty pair for me this Christmas and I can't seem to make myself wear any other shoes to my clinical placement at the nursing home.  They are so comfortable and supportive and keep me going with fresh feet all 9 hours that I'm there (and we walk A LOT)!  
Fit Sugar Pregnancy Fitness Videos:  I am IN LOVE with these workout videos (they can be found on youtube).  They give a modified workout with weight training without being too easy...JUST what I have been looking for!  I kept waiting around to buy Tracy Anderson's Pregnancy Project for this phase of pregnancy, but 50 bucks is a lot to shell out when you are two months away from baby.  These are an awesome substitute!  I really feel like I have worked out, and have the assurance that I am doing everything "safely!"

Well that's it for today, I'll get a bump update posted tomorrow or Friday:)