Thursday, January 3, 2013

27 Weeks

This is Week #:  27 Weeks
Total Weight Gain:  10 lbs (Baby A is now 2.5 lbs!)
What I am wearing:  This week?  Lots of PJ’s!  When I go out though: leggings, long sweaters/shirts, and scarves!  Loving the sweater I have on in the pic too - that's the one my sis in law got me that I mentioned!  SO CUTE AND COMFY!!!
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  Cross bracelet and “C” necklaceJ
Body woes:  An itchy belly and an uncomfortable back!
Best part of week:  We had another great week, lots of fun celebrating the New Year with family and soaking up the rest of the week off.  I also found out my sugar was goodJ and that Baby A is VERY flexible…he was folded up like a lawn chair (see below)!
Feel anything in there?  Baby wiggle worm…check!
Gives me the Creeps:  coffee:/
I miss:  going without back pain! LOL
Zzzzz Pattern:  It’s been hard, but that is expected…I am afraid it will only get worse!
Gender:  Little ManJ
Belly Button Metamorphasis:  Outie
I’m Craving:  Nothing really in particular...
Working Out Regimen:  3 days…(Jillian times 2 & Carmen) but I have almost come to the conclusion that it is time to look into a walking routine.  No more jumping for me – my bladder can’t handle it!
Mood (s):  J  I am a very happy girl
I can’t wait for:  Decorating Baby A’s room…it is almost that time about another week!  My grandparents surprised me by buying the crib for us and it should be here tomorrow!  EPPPPJ

This Week, Baby A is the Size of:
    A roast!

He was very flexible on our New Year's Eve Appointment!

Chelsea V. said...

Did you get that sweater at Old Navy? I saw it there and want it really badly! Looks comfy :)

cassidy adams said...

It is!! Yes it was from Old Navy:)