Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 16-Gender Check!

This is Week #:  16
Total Weight Gain: Fluctuating between 1-2 lbs.
What I am wearing:  I actually fit into my jeans pretty good this week…as long as they are low rise and don’t come above my belly.
Favorite accessory/piece of clothing:  my bootsJ  It’s finally getting cold enough to wear them!
Body woes:  It is VERY hard to get used to this belly
Best part of week:  Having time off and finding out that Baby A is a…(BOY!!!)
Feel anything in there?  Sharp pains in my sides which we found out were probably round ligament pains…via google…what would we do without google?
Gives me the Creeps: hmmmm does the thought of going back to school tomorrow count?
I miss:  My full throttle work out’s
Zzzzz Pattern:  I’ve been dreaming about food…Red Lobster…Ice Cream…etc. 
Gender:  And Baby A IS….A BOY!!! We are so excited:)  That was my gut feeling
My intuition tells me it’s aI was feeling the boy.
Belly Button Metamorphosis:  It’s definitely STILL lookin’ deformed!
I’m Craving:  Chili and Broccoli and Cheese Soup!  The hot stuff…and did you see where I had a dream about cookie dough and birthday cake ice cream in a sprinkle cone?  UH OH…I have GOT to be careful! lol
Working Out Regimen:  Modified Jillian, Lindsey Brin, & Dancing with The Stars Toning segment (about 4 days this week)
Mood (s):  Happy, happy, happy!
I can’t wait for:  shopping for clothes and decorating Little Guy’s Room!

The Journey to the Gender...
After the doctor...Pick up the cupcakes from Gigi's! 

Remain very anxious and excited (taking SEVERAL peeks at the cupcakes until all family/guests arrive)...

Pick a great restaurant (Thanks Calhoun's of Knoxville, TN) and jot down everyone's prediction before slicing those cupcakes open...

And then it's time...slice those babies OPEN!

ITS A BOY!  JUST as I suspected:)

This was such a fun and memorable experience I will never forget...
Here's to our little guy!