Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Pregnancy Fitness/Clean Eating Challenges

The more I read about the benefits of clean eating, the more interested I become in adopting this lifestyle.  But let's face it- interest and commitment are two VERY different things.  My problem?  Interest has never turned into a commitment.  Sure, it has turned into healthier choices from time to time-and an occasional platform for my conscience to whisper, "Don't eat that!" But... I have never made a lifestyle change.  SO...even though I am pregnant...I think this is a great time to make gradual steps toward this ultimate goal.  Each week I have decided to change something about my diet that will eventually lead to a clean lifestyle by the time baby boy gets here (healthier for me, healthier for him-double whammy!).  But first things first...let's pin point what has been preventing me from making this change from the beginning...

I want to eat carbs, carbs, and more carbs!  There is nothing more satisfying and “belly-soothing” than these little devils!  I think I would rather have a piece of bread over anything in the world...:/
Not a big fan of meats right now (a staple to eating clean)…especially during the first trimester.  But I am warming up to them again.

I am sooooo tired, and trying to squeeze a workout into my hectic schedule is so hard sometimes!  The bed/couch looks so nice…
It can also be a little nerve-wracking choosing which exercises to perform during one wants to hurt the baby!

Its getting close to the holidays!  This is ALWAYS a challenge for me! Sugar, sweets, and good eats oh my!  However, let me just make something clear right here...I have decided that life is too short to never have another processed/sugary treat again-just on special occasion.  So what is the first rule I have decided for myself and this lifestyle?  I can indulge in such foods BUT ONLY on New Years Eve, Valentines Day, My Birthday, Easter (Cadbury Egg anybody?), The 4th, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Eve/Day.  This gives me something to look forward to throughout the year and prevents me from setting unrealistic (and not to mention boring!) rules that probably won't be successful.
Sugar is my best friend.  I have always had a sweet tooth, but here lately its been hard to go a day without some type of sugar.  But ya know…I came to this conclusion today: Sugar is an addiction.  Yep that’s right!  Just like a drug.  This made me want to kick this addiction.  Hey... if I can kick a Diet Pepsi the way I have for baby boy, I can kick ANY bad habit!
Well, I may think of more the more I ponder on this subject, but these are definitely some of the biggest challenges I face in making this change to my lifestyle.  

What am I going to change this week?  
*I am going to eliminate candy from my diet.  Yep from here on out...unless it is Thanksgiving or Christmas Eve/Day...this girl is going to be candyless!  
Side Note: Yes...I know tomorrow is Halloween

I will report back next Tuesday to tell you how I do!  Wish me luck:)