Friday, June 3, 2016

High Five 4 Friday || Hello June

If we're all honest, some weeks just take the life out of us & we're left with a headache that a nap & simple dose of ibuprofen just won't touch.  But life keeps going & two little boys search for the smile they know means everything is okay in the world.  And I give them that smile every chance I get (even when we have an off week) because I know who is in control of our life at the end of the day.  I also know that my little tough spots are trivial to the world's problems in general.  Right?:)  Here are my reasons to smile about this week...

1.  Memorial Day Fun:  I may have worked on the actual holiday, but I enjoyed a nice weekend with dinosaur pancakes, super hero disguises, & a side of family & friends.  We soaked up the sun by the campfire & on the lake in our "baby suits" (as Cam calls them).  It was a beautiful weekend that God blessed us with!
2.  Double Duty (or BOOTY) Bathtime:  Bathtime just got easier for this momma.  Conley started taking baths with Cam this week & they are both in what we Southerner's call "hog heaven."  Conley is a l l about splashing & Cam is all about washing Conley's hair.  Because, he is NOT about washing his own...#brotherlylove
3.  Preschool Graduation:  I felt so blessed to watch the kids I have had the pleasure of loving the past couple of months walk across the stage to graduate from preschool & celebrate their transition into Kindergarten.  They made me smile each & every day.  When I left my own babies at home, I kind of felt like I was coming to see my others at work:)  It was a crazy hectic day (as it has been week).  The highlights of this craziness was picking up the beautiful carnations for their parents & letting my boys play in my office as I printed programs.  I also got a wake up call...I can't b e l i e v e my Cam is almost ready for Pre-K himself!
4.  Drinks are the highlight of my existence.  Want to make me happy?  Send me a tea, coffee, or ice water:)  I get cracked up at how happy I find myself when I get a nice cold beverage...I've never been more thirsty in my life!  #allthedrinks
5.  Preschool registration:  This just means a fresh start & more kids to meet & love.  (And hopefully a chance to make a difference in some of their little lives).  This speech therapist says bring on the 2016-17 school year.  But let's do summer first!;)
We did have a lot of free time along the I devoted some time to my doodle skills;)  Recognize the pup? 
Happy Friday, y'all!
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