Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend Rundown

Why do weekends have to pass by so quickly?
I SWEAR it feels as if I JUST got off work Friday evening!

Enough with the depressing talk!
I'd much rather talk about the fun we had instead...
Friday was the day.  
The day Cam finally authentically loved the pool!
Way to go baby, it's only "fall fever time" now!
Oh well...guess we will be squeezing all we can out of those last rays of sun!
And I decided to snag this to do it with!

Friday evening, after starting the weekend off with a splash...
Cam, the Mr., Penny, and I loaded up for a quick Maryville, TN run.
A yummy dinner at Olive Garden, trip to Dick Sporting Goods, trip to my beloved Target, and a swing by Starbucks (I was seriously having withdrawals) made for the perfect quick family get-a-way.

Besides Penny playing her sport of barking at the shoppers passing by
 and being referred to as "Lloyd Christmas:" 
Cade: "Okay, just get the bare essentials.  This is the last of our dope."
Cassidy: HEY, who do I look like???
Fast forward to a shopping cart full of cake icing tools, a glass canister, two books for Cam, a wooden get the point... 
the evening was sweet time spent together.
We laughed quite a bit over my randomness-
But HEY, that's what I LOVE about Target!

| Studded Top | Infantino Breathe Carrier |
He helps me push the cart;)

| Cafe Vanilla Frappuccino Lite |

Saturday, Cam tried out the lake...
yea NOT a fan of the lake yet!

| Hat, similar | Here Comes Trouble Swim, Crazy 8 (last season)

| Bumbo |

Sunday, I managed to lose my iPhone all day in a diaper.  
In my diaper bag.
Mommy brain strikes again.

Speaking of mommy brain...getting sidetracked again
Cam got his first Pineapple Willy's tee from the beach bums:)
Modeled more ties to satisfy my baby tie obsession...
And seen a beautiful sunset from our little nook in the mountains!

| The Childrens Place | I love the weekends!  How bout you?