Thursday, August 8, 2013

If You Give A Penny A Birthday Donut...

If you give a Penny A Birthday Donut...
she may ask you to sing her "Happy Birthday,"
Light some trick candles (4 in her case),
Ask YOU to blow them out,
and then break her donut into bite size pieces.

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Diva Dog.

But we love our crazy dog just the same.
So much so that yes we really did buy her a donut.
Light it with 4 candles in honor of her four years of life.
Place it in her food bowl.
Broken into schnauzer bite pieces.

Annnnnnddddd-we even read a special book in her honor...

Thank you for being the loudest,
punch-baggy-est (for Cade)
snuggle buggie-est,
under the covers residing,
travelesque kind of pooch.
Happy Birthday Penn
We love you...

Cade, Cass, & Cam:)