Saturday, June 3, 2017



I've come to learn, that getting inside Cam's brain can be one of the most inspiring & creative processes out there.  I love to hear what he's thinking, the things he likes, + all about those crazy ideas he comes up with (especially when it comes to planning parties, make believe games, or gifts he's wanting (remote control alligator, anyone?).  So, when he said he wanted a dinosaur party, oh... in October, as we prepped for Conley's first birthday, we had plenty of time to plan!
No, it's definitely not unique for a little boy's birthday party.
But once you start searching, it's so fun to make it their own + customize it to suit them:)
*I made the tiny dino party hats out of paint cards from lowes & topped with a tiny craft pom
Since his birthday was in March, (close to Easter) I knew I wanted to do a dinosaur egg hunt for the game/activity.  I ordered some dino eggs from Oriental Trading, a dinosaur gift bag+ paint+foam boards from Target + the Dollar bin had some egg hunt signs, & that was that.  SO easy:)
To make the Dino egg hunt signs, I just taped over the bunny theme with cut outs from the dinosaur gift bags.  Simple as that!
And NO dinosaur egg hunt can be complete without a t-rex encounter.  SO.  
My trooper of a sister dressed up & let the kids shoot her with popper guns (here from Oriental Trading) for a short period of time;)  Cade was supposed to be the victim but luck was in his favor...he was too large for the costume!
yep, those are the popper guns
For our treat to guests, we went to the Walmart Dollar Dinos + tied some Whopper eggs to their arms/legs.  For the girls, we added a tutu + a little make-up & toe paint to feminize them.
For the first time EVER, I finally had a little sense + downplayed the stress of cooking food TOO & we had pizza.  
A h h h e m.  Dinosaur Teeth.
Along with chips+dip.  Green Punch.  And Cake with Ice Cream.
Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.
*And I may never have another party without pizza.
Another birthday celebration in the books.  
I think Cam will have a hard time forgetting it.
On to planning the next;)
(In true Cam fashion!)