Friday, February 3, 2017

H54F || Super Bowl Weekend

Other than Cam & I arguing over whether to pick Snoopy vs. Ninja Turtle Band-aids during our weekly grocery trip, we've had a pretty uneventful Friday!  Thurday was m u c h more eventful as we were Superheros all day, celebrated Makers 1st birthday with free donuts (tried 2 new local coffee shops), & drove around exploring our new stomping grounds til' the babes fell asleep for the night!  Tonight, my Mr. wants to go try out the chinese restaurant close by...THAT will be fun for "clean eating" me!  Aye.
 Do you have fun plans on this chilly first Friday of February? 

one.  daddy's 28th birthday!
The best part was going to eat Mexican, having them rub ice cream all in his face & watching Conley cry in protest to mistreating his daddy.

Sometimes I think we take just how special birthdays are for granted.  So thankful to have been a part of this boys life for around 14 years now.  We have been through a lot together & God has blessed us so much!  I love this little adventure we are on.
two.  diet days
I've struggled this week.  Definitely d/t lack of planning & our crazy hectic schedule.  I wait too long to eat, get the shakes, & eat something I shouldn't (like a free donut).  I have made lots of changes to the way I think about food in general, so I consider that success:) 

Here's a glance at what I've been trying.  Let me just say, feeding my boys is no easy task.  They are shoving food in their mouth from daylight to daybreak.  We are in trouble.  If only Cam was the same eater he was two years ago!  My main concern in my eating plan has definitely been how to make it something I can eat-but that they will eat & enjoy, too!

This was a sausage+shrimp Whole 30 skillet for me, but we added noodles/cheese sticks/grapes for the boys (including Cade).

three.  coffee experimentation
I have this weird desire to be able to make Starbucks/gourmet coffee shop like coffee at home (oh, wait-I'm sure that's not all that uncommon...)   I recently learned how to steam my milk in the microwave to add some froth to I'm kind of hooked on experimenting with how to make it better.  Anybody have experience here?  If I was single without kids, I would totally work at a coffee shop just to learn their ways!

four.  old prom videos
A classmate loaded prom videos from my junior & senior year to Facebook this past week & ohhhhh the fun we've had with that.  Cam said, "Daddy, your face is so weird!"  Mr. Skinny Mini Cade back in the day.

five.  february is here!
I'm finally getting in the mood for Valentines Day.  I found the boys some Valentine pj's at Gap Factory for 12 bucks as opposed to the usual 30!  They are "mer-cycle" ones as Cam calls them;)  I'm starting to get an itch to decorate again, too.  I browsed a few antique stores, along with Marshalls/ Ross & found the following three items for less than $5 a piece!  Then Cam & I looked for fun Valentine Card holders thing-ma-jigs to make for his class Valentine Party.  What are you most excited about for Valentines Day?
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Happy Friday, y'all!
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Megs said...

The old prom videos! Oh my goodness that's cute!!!!! And I love the unicorn Valentine's Day box. My youngest is obsessed with all things unicorn.
Cute site!
Happy Saturday, from the H54F linkup!

Rachel said...

Fun family photos and what a nice week. I am
visiting from H54F, good to meet you.
Rachel xo