Friday, January 6, 2017

H54F || First Week of 2017

Well, the first few hours of 2017 have been much like the last of 2016.  My little family has been switching the sickness card back & forth!  My Mr. is still on the outs as I type, but I am hoping he is on the latter end of it?  It has to end at some point!  Right?  Are you guys staying well?

I'm in dire need of some "real clothes" & a fresh "blow out!"  I swear I have looked ten times worse than like this picture could ever dream=
every. day. this. week.
On to the high fives for friday...

one.  Werk
Before all the sickness hit, we basically worked our tushies off, well...Monday.  Monday was the only day we felt good as a unit.  We unloaded boxes, took down & organized all Christmas things, installed the first of our garage shelving.  
That's right.
 We spent the rest of Christmas break traveling & enjoying family (so thankful we made it through all that) & the week we have off to really dig into the house work-we dropped like flies.  Sick little flies.  LOL.  Wouldn't happen any other way over here!

two.  Cam's commentary on Little Brother
Conley has been a leech to me all week.  I've probably slept 2 hours total.  If he's not occupied throwing everything in the toilet or trying to climb up shelves when he forgets about me, he follows me around crying & when I pick him up he wants down & then cries again for me to pick him up.  It's an endless, hopeless cycle that leaves me feeling cross-eyed + confused about life.  The day I was in bed sick Cam looked at him crawling on top of my head screaming & said, 
"Conley, one day I hope you will be happy."
Laughing.  Tears.
three.  I got to "upgrade" to a phone without cracks
Now it's only a matter of time before Conley cracks this one :P

The forecasters are calling for the first snow of the year:)  It sprinkled snow all evening yesterday, so we whipped up a hot weather supper & hot chocolate for dessert!  The "big snow" is supposed to hit us today -I can't wait to sit by the fire & hopefully watch it fall with a few excited little boys!

five.  Cabin Fever Break
Due to the sickness factor, we've basically been inside aside from a few the grocery trip thing for an entire week.  I have loved all the home time-the boys however were ready to run out some energy!  With it being winter & all, we had to go for indoor fun.  If you're ever in our area-I highly recommend taking your kids to the "Smart Toys & Books" playground!  I had to pry Cam & Con away, but that were out like lights as soon as we drove away! #missionaccomplished 
I've got some dread going back to my wonderful job next week.  I really do love it. I am just not looking forward to having a schedule & routine again.  It's been so nice to be in our house with nothing to do this week!  Things have been so laid back & chill...I can't remember a time they have been like this since Cam was BORN!  Very thankful for it.  Even if we've all felt crummy & Conley had an attachment disorder this week- it's been good for the ole' sanity;)
Happy Weekend + PENDING SNOW D A Y!

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Oh my, I so hope everyone is on the mend and stays that way! You can't beat The Notebook. One of my favorites!! And I feel ya on the clingy needy little human. I'm almost certain my youngest would sleep in the womb at night if it were an option. Hope you have a great weekend!

Cassidy Adams said...

Girl! you worded it perfectly! I'm laughing out loud:)