Friday, December 30, 2016

H54F|| New Years Eve Eve

It's the last Friday of 2016.   I guess we can call this day New Years Eve Eve?  We have the last of our Christmas gatherings today & I'm pretty sure the world will find it unacceptable to have my tree & garland up after Sunday.  I hate to see it go but I know all good things come to an end at one point or another.  Now, I suppose it's just on to the next good thing.  That's my way of dealing with the "Christmas is over depression"- it's a real thing, you guys! :)  (P.S...360 sleeps!)
It seems like we all tend to say..."I can't believe the year has went by so fast!" when this time of year rolls around.  Some people wish the year wouldn't end, while others can't wait for a fresh start.  I find new years exciting because we are beginning a whole brand new year full of memories to make & love to share, but that same thought scares me to death.  

The only peace I have about a new year is in these song lyrics, "I don't know about tomorrow, but I know who holds my hand."  Whether this new year brings blessings & excitement or heartache & trials to my door, I know who I put my faith in to help me through-JESUS.  It is my prayer that no matter what, I will serve & honor him with whatever he provides my little family in this new year!  If you can't relate to my experience in the peace department, please let me share with you more about this man named Jesus:)

Now five fun things about this week!

One.  Daddy goes to Dollywood
We spent the day at Dollywood yesterday.  Daddy had never been with Conley (& probably only one time with Cam) so since we're like 30 minutes away...we decided it would be a fun way to spend the day!  It felt like Christmas all over again:)  Christmas lights, shows, & food...& a cranky Conley!  Wait...what??  
Conley was ALL about some rides.  He was total death grip "this baby ain't leavin-I'm riding all day" until I pried his little chunky hands free from every ride in the baby ride portion of the park.  He would then turn into a limp noodle & scream.  Such a precious little thing.

We also tried another thing we said we'd never do...the child leash.  But for Conley Scout?  Nope.  
He wanted down to run into the crowds of people until he realized we were letting him because he was on a leash.  Then he froze up & refused to walk.  And when I tried to *easily* guide him to walk with our people... he dramatically threw himself down on the ground & began to throw a screaming fit.  Alrighty then.  It totally looked like I was trying to abduct him or something.  
*He also had scrapes on his face from Christmas festivities so that even added special effects :/

Two.  Hobby Lobby After Christmas Sale
Must. go. to every. Hobby Lobby. in sight.  
But for real, it keeps you in the Christmas spirit planning for next year & getting great deals!;)  Our Bebe shared this wealth of information with me when I admired her ribbons! Apparently, Hobby Lobby continues to discount their Christmas things until they are gone!  Let me tell you-- tulle is adorable for wrapping presents with + I got that green to add a little somethin' somthin' to my tree next year!  I am so e x c i t e d!!!

Three.  Biltmore at Christmas
I'm just now realizing how busy our week has been!  Lol.  Yes, we went to Bilmore house too!  And it was beautiful at Christmas time (another way to keep yourself in the Christmas spirit when you don't know what to do with yourself Dec 26-30:)  Have you seen those memes, too?
It was all fun & games til someone had to carry a 60 lb three year old through the nations largest private residence...hehe.  I'm just kidding!  They were really good until they got hungry.  When we went through the kitchen portion of the (let's just call it like it is...)CASTLE, Conley started yelling "bite bite!"

Four. Kroger
We have had more time to explore our new stomping grounds these past two weeks & we have found several places we love close by.  Including KROGER:)  I think my favorite part is the carts with CARS for your babes!  Mine were o b s e s s e d.  And we had a lot longer span of time to shop in peace!

Five. Cam selfies + Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew
When Cam sneaks my phone & I find these gems...
+If you are over the sweets from the "ber" months like I somehow am...this coffee is nice & tasty without all the heavy sugar taste the other seasonal coffees have!  As much as I hate to say it, I am Chesnut Praline'd out!  (I know I'll be counting down the days when March rolls around lol!)
Happy New Years Eve, Eve friends!
Linking up today with the ladies of H54F:)

Trista @ The Classy Chaos said...

Oh my goodness, I think we could swap kid stories for hours. My youngest just throws himself face in the floor and lies there. I just walk away. One day in the grocery store, he wouldn't stop standing up in the buggy so I made home walk. He just buckled into his knees. So I pulled him along. You should have seen the looks that I got!

Stopping by from H54F. And I'm glad I did. I do know Jesus and I love finding others that do too. I'll be following along going forward! Happy New Year!

Cassidy Adams said...

I would love to swap kid stories! LOL... Sounds like we have clones. Thanks for stopping by, Trista:)..

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