Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Conely Scout || 10 Months

We're in the double didgets folks.  TEN months.  This age is precious, but let me tell you...Conley Scout keeps me on my TOES.  He is in to E V E R Y T H I N G.  He is crawling & pulling up like a boss.  He puts everything in his mouth.  He is fearless, stubborn, & has the worst temper you'll ever witness... BUT- has a smile that will make you "melt like a popsicle on the fourth of July."  Thanks for that simile, Darla.;)

Weight:  lbs
Birth: 7 lbs 14 oz
Width:  inches

whats new...

crawling, opening and closing doors, pulling up on everything, car rides, slapping glasses off my face

for the most part...if he can see mommy-thats it just had him over!  busting his head, when Cam rough houses (I guess thats a Southern term for being rough?), when the person feeding him takes too long, being in the car seat all day

play & cognitive development
He took one step y'all!  But that's it.  He busts his head about three times a day:,(
We have two teeth!  Two bottom teeth as I mentioned in my earlier posts.  It's really something I wasn't expecting as Cam didn't get teeth until after he turned one!  He is totally turning into my little blondie.  I never dreamed I'd have a blonde child-even though their daddy's hair is blonde.  It's crazy!:)

This little mister is totally the second child.  He gets to taste of just about anything anyone else is eating.  Cam didn't have sweets until after he was one year old.  I was adament about making sure he was getting "clean food" and wouldn't have his first taste of sugar until his cake smash.  Long gone are those days.  I like to call my life & parenting techniques "survival mode."  Keep them alive & happy.  That's my main priorities these days.  Eating about 50% baby food/50% real food.  Still nurses, but not as frequently.  And it's for certain.  This child will never take a paci.

Another month in the no sleep books.  I contribute it to teething since he just sprouted two little teethies.  He senses when I am not around.  I swear he can feel it.  It can be at nap time, in the middle of the night, or when I get up in the mornings.  You know how people talk about getting up in the morning to have "me time" and read their bible or get things done?  Yea, not happening with Conley Scout.  I don't know how many failed attempts I have had at this.  I give up for now!  Maybe next year:)  Hehe.

ten month photo dump

Also, I have GOT to get better at taking pictures.
(For my own sake...)