Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Our Christmas 2014

Well you guys, I got the slow December I was asking for!  I find it impossible that Christmas has already come and gone.  It's kind of hard to comprehend that today is the last day of the 2014!  Anyone else with me?  Where do I begin?  It has been kind of quiet around here for the last couple of weeks and I owe it all to the stomach bug!  That stupid ole thing came to our house Christmas Eve and decided to hang around for good.  We are still trying to fight it off and gain our strength back.  

Maybe we all just needed to be sick in order to slow down and enjoy our time together and remember why we truly celebrate Christmas?  Cam became sick early Christmas Eve morning leaving us shell shocked as to what to do.  Do we skip the plans for the day? Did he eat too much?  Or is it a virus? 
 Cam being a toddler, it was hard for us to tell. 

 It turns out we made the wrong decision in visiting families the latter part of the evening...By Christmas morning, I was propped up in Cam's chair videoing the fussy Christmas morning magic that turned out to be not so magical with a stomach bug is floating around the room.  Not long after that, family called to share they too had the bug, resulting in the decision to cancel our Mustache Christmas Breakfast:(  

Despite the sickly Christmas Eve visits, and a homebound Christmas Day, you know what I remember most about this Christmas?  Picking up my sweet hubby from the airport.  Cam squealing, "Ho ho comin!" just before his bedtime on Christmas Eve.  The Mr and I making sure the big guy made it down the chimney okay and then finally getting to cuddle and laugh ourselves silly watching Christmas Vacation.  I smell a new tradition!  Cam putting his "phone" to use (and entertaining a sad sick mommy) during the Christmas morning Disney Parade.  And making sure that his Cars, he says "Lightening McQueen" (swear), never leave his sight...even during breakfast.  All the Christmas shopping and baking fun with friends and family.  And getting 2 extra days with the Mr:)  What more could a girl ask for?  God is good, ALL the time.  Only 358 more days to go...;)  

I also must say...I am thankful for the greatest gift of all.  Jesus Christ!  Happy Birthday Jesus:) 
Thank you for loving a sinner like me!