Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Naptime Warrior

One week we have a brilliant schedule going...
I feel like wonder mommy.
The next everything goes capooey!

One thing I have learned from this:
Cam thinks he is in charge.
And he is.
For now...

As I mentioned last week, I am in the process of reading "Baby Wise."
A controversial method that promises to have your baby sleeping all night long.
Which...really isn't my concern because Cam overall does well at night
 (aside from the one month night battles!).

The controversy, to my understanding, concerns not feeding your baby on demand and putting your child on a rigid schedule.  I am combating this by just establishing a general routine to follow.  If we stray from it one day, I'm not going to freak's life!  And life is unexpected.  If my child is hungry...I'm GOING to feed him.  So that's that.

MY ultimate concern is Cam's overall well being.  He is very fussy and fights sleep like no other!  He is still an infant and needs lots (or hey...just one daily nap!) of sleep to assist his growing little body and the daily demands it faces as it changes everyday.

This schedule introduces naps into the day, something he has almost refused since probably a month old...unless being held.  And we really need this established before once I start to work!
Too much going on Mom!!

Sneak peek at the battle scene:

We start out like this.

Then...the passy falls out and the eyes pop open.

And my little Naptime Warrior is at it again.

I call this: "Our Day"
Forgive the dark circles under my eye...

Gotta love him.

I plan to review "Baby Wise" once I finish it...but for the time being I will share what has helped me increase the success of daytime naps:)

1. Levana Monitor.  I have already shared our monitor in my two month favorites post.  This thing puts me at ease to see him while he attempts to sleep.
2. Mam Pacifier: for some reason these babies work!  Rocking him with a passy will almost always get him to sleep.  Its the laying him down that is tricky...
3.  Summer Infant Slumber Buddy and Crib Soother and Nightlight Frog:  This thing is pretty cool.  Cam really likes looking at lights and the turtle projects stars onto the ceiling.  I think this has bought me a couple of naptime minutes by distracting him when he does wake up!  It also has sounds, but he's not very impressed with any other sound than blow dryer right now...which leads us to...
4.  Blow dryer: Put ANY blow dryer on a nightstand and let it blow.  Enough said!
5.  Pillow:  I prop Cam's back up against a pillow toward the back of his crib.  That is about the only way he will attempt sleep!  Any pillow will do.

Feel free to share anything that has worked for you and your baby in the past in the comments section!
I love talking to other mommies:)
We are all in this together anyway!
Mommies vs. Their Naptime Warriors

Nellie's Cozy place said...
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Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Sweetie,
After I read my first post, I saw
some mistakes and I didn't explain
something very well, so thought I should redo it.

The joys and trials of motherhood,
oh, how I remember, but the joys do far outweight the trials....and it helps that they are so darn cute!

My kids use a small fan that makes
white noise in the babies room, she
seems to like that, we have an air purifier so I always put that on.

Maybe you might try putting him to sleep without the passy but rock him patting his bum. Our lil darling just loves that. We actually rock her standing up and we just rock our body, and her
Mommy makes a shushing noise if she is fussing and that seems to help too.

They also roll up a towel to put behind her back and sort of prop
her on her side a lil, so I found once I put her down I can just sort of pat the towel behind her back but she can still feel that.......

Oh yea, my hubby used to put our
daughter to sleep on a pillow. He would put it on his legs and then rock his legs back and forth
or he would put the pillow between his legs and rock the pillow back and forth towards his body using
his hands. Worked great, course,
that was when they let babies sleep on their tummies, cause they he would just roll her off the pillow gently onto her tummy. But you could put the pillow in the bed
and then try to slowly move him off of it.

Sorta sounds like that could work
because think he must need to get
used to not being able to sleep
so near Mommy.

Will be praying for you hon, these lil cuties can sure wear a Mom out,
and I am with you when a baby is hungry it should be fed. Babies are
not convenience items and unfortunately today that seems to be a prevalent attitude. Think some folks just need to get a baby
doll then they can do just as they
please.......real babies are all
about the Lord teaching us patience and having a servant spirit......
which is not real easy on us. lol
I am with you...your concern should be his emotional well being...
You never want a child to feel like
their parent isn't gonna met an important need. Otherwise, they
learn they can't trust their parents, not a good feeling.......

Blessings sweet girl,

Sounds to me like you are doing a
great job hon.

Dusti Cox said...

Do you have a humidifier? Both my kids have always needed white noise to sleep, and when they were little I used to use the blow dryer until I found a humidifier that was just as loud. For some reason, I felt a little better about letting a humidifier run for hours at a time...:)