Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The BIG Announcement

It's time!  Time for that BIG announcement that I've been teasing you guys with:)  It's been practically two years since we began toying with the idea, & I'm so excited that the Lord opened the doors for us to embark on this little adventure.  
You see, it all began when a little tike named Camden Tripp was born!  As a "boy mom," I immediately seen the need for a wide variety of unique & adorable clothes to outfit little boys in.  Don't get me wrong, they are out there...but you really have to spend money & do a lot of work to find just what you are looking for.  My mom, sister, & I immediately began throwing around the idea of starting a children's clothing store (specializing in unique clothes for boys).  Now, in our small hometown nothing like that would ever go...but we did set our eyes on a bigger area & the world wide web!  These days, the absolutely adorable girls clothes & accessories are so hard to chose from, but I still have such a passion to find our little boys all the cutest clothes & accessories that they deserve!  And lets not even begin to talk about the magic in childhood?  That's my vision for our store.  I hope you can go on our website, visit our booth, & eventually walk in our store & feel as if you are stepping back into your childhood shoes.  Because, don't we all want to relive that magic?
That magic will be brought to you by The Mustard Seed Children's Boutique coming this summer on July 3rd, 2015.  We don't have tons of inventory right now, & it is part of my daily task right now to scout out cute merchandise at reasonable prices...but I feel like we have an adorable start!  We are kicking our company off carrying the following brands: Fjallraven (excellent alternative diaper bag), Strawberry Moth, Pretend with Poppins, Riley & Clay, Headbands of Hope, & our own "Mustard Seed" line of accessories, leggings, & appliquéd goods.  You will also always be able to find a variety of seasonal items, storybooks, toys, & home goods for sale that we will be using for props.  We strive to support the handmade communities & items made within the USA!  If you log on to our site after it launches, you can sign up for our newsletter to learn more about our companies:)  
I'm excited to see where this dream & adventure will take us.  It's always been a dream of mine to be a business owner & to be able to do something that allows me to tap into my creativity.  The Mustard Seed is just that!  If you will be in town during the fourth holiday, check out our booth on main street across from Lynn's Place!  We will be waiting for you with lots of fun activities for the kiddos & shopping for mom & dad;)  Don't have any kids?  We have something for everyone.  Come check it out!
If you won't be within strolling distance, hop on over to & check everything on our website out!  Place an order if you'd like:)  You can also start following us on our social media outlets listed below to check out our "Seed Favorites" & business adventures:)  I'm open for all suggestions & feedback you all would like to give!  
I told you it was an exciting announcement!  EPPPPPPP!
Nellie's Cozy place said...

Hi Cassidy,
So happy to hear of your new adventure and know you will do a great job,
and how fun to be working with your Mom and sister, and that Cam can probably go to work with you at times. He is such a lil cutie. We only have lil girls in our family so far, but will definitely come by and check it out when I
get a chance. So how are you feeling these days?? Hope you are doing well.

I am planning to start a new adventure too, hopefully, towards the end
of July. An etsy shop for greeting cards, and gifts eventually...........

Take care sweetie and Blessings Galore on your new business,

Cassidy Adams said...

Let me know when your shop opens! That sounds lovely:) We will have girl clothes too, I am just making sure there is an equal amount of cute boy stuff available too:) Thanks for coming by! Great to hear from you! Good luck to you in your new adventure as well:)
Blessings to YOU