Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Cam's Christmas Wishlist

Santa has FINALLY put together a wishlist for Cam.  If Mr. Kringle ever has anymore kids to plan for in the Adams household, he is going to have to get his stuff together!  When I get past the slacking Santa, I cannot contain my excitement about this CHRISTmas.  I am so excited about CHRISTmas morning, because this year, Cam is old enough to figure out that something special must have happened when he went to sleep.  I can't wait to see his face when he wakes up and we lead him to our tree:)  He may never remember any of it, but that's what video cameras are for, right?

 {1} {2} {3}{4} {5} {6}{7}

What does your lists look like this year?  I am still out of the loop as for what the "must have toys" are this year...I'm not too sad about that.  Visions of Arnold Schwarzenegger come to mind, as he only falls short of committing murder to bring his son home the Turboman!  Love that movie.  Stocking stuffers to come soon:)

P.S.  If you plan on going out on Black Friday, I really liked these tips by Lauren Conrad:)
Are you ready to give thanks and carve the bird?:)