Friday, January 12, 2018

Cam & Conley's Big Boy Room

Driving down the road the other day...
Me: Conley, you're a nut.
Conley: NO.  I'm not a nut, I'm Conwey!
Cam: Yes, he is a terrifying baby that kills prey.

Alrighty then.  And that my friends it what big boy rooms are made of.
A nut/terrifying baby (or four year old) that kills prey (or mamas)...

In all seriousness, I've meant to share their big boy room when we came close to putting it all together this past June, but I just kept waiting until we had it "all finished."  Is there ever a real "all finished" project?  Not with me.  There are still little touches I'd like to add such as a headboard (I'd like to diy & add in a cool lighting fixture overhead), a fan, an extra rack in the closet, & a bed skirt...but I figured since that isn't looking like it will be done anytime soon it was about time to share a n y w a y!

compass pull || dynasty prints
Chewy is a must & that little lion on Conley's bed...I used it in all his monthly pictures during his first year❤️

I added these vintage green pulls to tie in the little hints of green I was going for.

I love little cheap things you can do in a room such as this to add character & tie it all together.

I love, love, love shelves in any room b/c they are always fresh.  You can change them if you want as you need to.  I love that you can add little seasonal touches to them or switch out the things the boy's are into at that specific time.

*Sidenote: I spent 3/4 of Christmas break putting that Ghostbuster car together, needless to say- it is going to stay high on the shelf until they turn 18.
And since it's the new year & I'm in organization do you guys organize your kid's closets?

I put Cam's clothes on one side, & Conley's on the other (until we can hang another rack to separate them) & have a shoe basket for their shoes under their side of the closet.  Aside from that, they each have a hanging cubby for things like swimming trunks/gloves/etc.  That seems to work well but THEN...there is the never ending editing when they outgrow things.


That up top is the clothes I need to save for Con, & purposely hidden from your vision in the right side of the closet is a plastic bag that has clothes to share with others who have little boys.  I don't even want to think of their drawers & all the editing I need to do there!  It never ends!

A little babble to leave you with about this sweet room:
I l o v e when my silly little house dreams come to life.  I never got to do a nursery for Conley b/c we were uprooted at the time, but we had some fun things left from Cam's nursery that I got to incorporate into the big boy room.  I loved that they were old enough (well, mostly Cam) to give me a little input at some things they wanted to incorporate.  Like the color green, sharks, cars, dinosaurs, & Toy Story. 

For lack of better words, kids are so dang fun!

I pulled it all together with my favorite piece...that sign. 
If there is one thing I think my boys will grow up to be-it's warriors.  I hope they choose to be good warriors for the right things. 

industrial shelving || Kirklands

star light || Target

hedgehog bookends || (old) PBKids

starglobe || Target

pennant flags || strawberry moth

comforters || Target (clearance!  Under 20 bucks!)

I've still seen them lately...

sign || houseofbelonging

kelly green dresser || painted by milkmoonhouse

graphic pillows || Royalkane

large pom pillows || Target

tiny pom pillows || Chezbeccy

Happy Friday, friends.

Sunday, January 7, 2018

Thoughts On A Brand New Year

What does a new year mean to you?
Is it just another day or does it represent a fresh new start?

I can't help but always feel as if it's a new chapter to write about my life...
always have!
I recently seen this quote: "Tomorrow is the first blank page in a 365 page book."
How will this year change my story?  What new adventures will I go on?  What will be the climax?  What will be the hook?  

It's a bittersweet mixture of emotions, despite unknown fears that come with a new year, I choose to go into it optimistic with Jesus by my side.

During Christmas break, I find it a miracle that I've been able to indulge a little every morning in basically thing the only thing on t.v. I watch...(besides fuller house + Christmas movies) Kelly & Ryan.  And last week, as they were discussing all the new years resolutions hype...aside from the typical "new years resolutions never last"...
they said one thing that really stuck out to me: 
"It's very difficult to break old habits, but entirely possible to start new ones."

I thought on that a while.

Every year, whether I say I am going to or not, it's just in me to make a resolution.  Whether it's something huge or something small, I make goals.  Because that's what I do.
I'm a planner.

And do I follow through?  Typically, no. 
But I have that consciousness of in what ways I want to better myself after the blessing of another year of life.

This year I don't want to change.  I just want to grow.
Strive after new, positive habits that promote growth in every aspect of my life.
As always, I want to be more about Jesus in every shape, form, & fashion.
Our message at church this morning was on death to self, & giving our entire life to Christ.  It's so hard to do that in this world.  Even as a Christian.
Putting him before it all.

Everywhere you turn, (well I can only speak for myself I suppose,) but I feel Satan whispers all that this life has to offer to throw me off track.  To forget why I'm here.
We all have our fleshly battles & none are more "acceptable" or easily condoned than others.  My brothers battle with drugs is no different than another persons battle with food or shopping addiction.  Sure, his may end up leaving more scars, but it's all sin in God's eyes.  Oh, to see ourselves & each other as he see's us, right?  And we are all in this fight together.  It's a battlefield out there & this year, I again, just want to grow in spiritual maturity & pray that it shines for others to see Jesus in me.  I pray that I will have a burden for others, too - especially my brother.  

May we each strive to be the people God created us to be in 2018, & find the happiness & contentment in life that only He can give.
Much love to you, sweet friends & Happy 2018💕
Monday, January 1, 2018

NYE 2017 || Photo Every Hour

7 am
10 am
11 am
Try to interview a 2 & 4 year old.  It's fun, g r e a t fun!

In case you have no idea what I'm referring to...check out facebook.  I posted them there in case something ever happens to my phone (b/c something usually does).

12 pm Lunch
1 pm
BOLT & naptime
2 pm
Nap didn't last long!  Up & at em. 
P.S.  I swear they wear pants.  And shirts.  They just strip every opportunity they get & we give up at times.
3 pm
See?  He's wearing pj's!  For now...
4 pm
There's just so many ways to entertain indoors with 20 degree weather, right?
5 pm
Take out for last dinner of 2017!
6 pm
7 pm

8 pm
9 pm
I just watch for Ryan.  And the ball drop!
I imagine it was much classier of an act back in Dick Clark's days...
10 pm
Fake countdown.  Attempt to tuck in.  They refused bedtime...
to much excitement.  Back downstairs.  They'll fall asleep any time now, right?😰

11 pm
Still here.  Still whiney😑
12 pm Back to the bedroom for the countdown😬
Happy New Year, everybody! 
I hope everyone had a wonderful time celebrating. 
On to the newest chapter❤️